People keep asking me the reasons behind my success and I keep telling them there’s no one reason behind it. It is really hard to explain that success is a process and a result of all the hardships that you have been going through. Today, you might see my wealth but what lies behind us is concealed and is something not a lot of people want to see. 

I have been trading for more than twenty years now and it was a few years back when I could finally see the tables turning for me. Trading isn’t an easy profession to make a living in. It gets as hard as it can, for me it did at least. I remember how a few years back I never wanted to recall those times but now I feel like had it not been those years, I would’ve not been here. I am talking about all the fake forex firms that came my way and tried really hard to send me back home with literally nothing. 

I’ll not say I didn’t give up. I did. I am back from a point where I was about to quit the profession and go back home looking for a good job. This journey wasn’t anything easy. It took away not only my dad’s only assets which I inherited, but also my peaceful nights and calm. Unfortunately enough, I see these firms functioning in full swing even these days. Young traders come to be every now and then crying and begging for help. The only thing that I tell them and will also tell you is that this isn’t child’s play. You have to be very vigilant and careful because, in the end, someone is going to be at a loss, it will be only you. And these firms have been working for more than a decade, they have developed good know-how of ways to slip through any legal actions. 

I understand how lack of regulation on the government’s part is something that is another huge player, but you can only blame someone if you have yourself out in everything. Research is the only tool that I have and you should make use of it in order to fight off these craft firms which have a full focus on your money. These firms work very skilfully and this is why almost every trader that I know has been trapped by them. I have been a victim of their treacherous strategies for around 5 years. Yes, it took so long to learn to differentiate between a fake and a real one and it came at a loss of not only these valuable years but also a lot of money. 

However, when I got to know about NostraCapital, things changed considerably because now I was working with a firm that was true to me and all their customers. The working environment made me feel very comfortable while working and I could see that translating in the form of my profits. NostraCapital is a broker which is trusted by millions all around the globe but let me tell you all that it has some flaws like any other platform that you’ll ever come across. I have been using this for years now and have closely observed all the features. In the review below, I will try my best to share all the important pros and cons with you so that you develop a good understanding of what the broker looks like from the eyes of a trader. I would also like to state that I am hoping my review will just be a small part of your research and you’ll be looking into the website in greater depth. 

Let’s start with the important matter first and quickly see where the broker stands when it comes to the offered security level. 


Like I have been talking about above, my previous firms were not that good at providing me with a safe working environment and that is what made me leave them. No matter what state of the art tools and indicators we get, if there is no satisfactory security then it can be of no good to the customers. Here at NostraCapital, I have found the security measures highly satisfactory and up to the mark. 

When I was doing my part of the research, I visited all the sections of the website and the Legal section helped me develop a lot of trust in the security provided. You should also read all those documents carefully because they give you an idea regarding what approach the firm has towards you and your money’s protection. If you scroll down to the end of the webpage, you’ll see a small disclaimer at the bottom which clearly says how the traders from certain jurisdictions will not be accepted. On inquiring I found out that operations in these parts of the world mean a threat to the rest of the users and that is why they have been restricted. I have to say I am sticking to this forum for many reasons and the topmost is security. 

Overall Outlook

Let’s have a look at the theme and how it looks. When you open the landing page you’ll immediately notice the graphics because of their eye-catching nature. You must be thinking how the theme of the website doesn’t have a lot to do with what the firm is like but that’s wrong. Because when you work on the website, a boring interface can make the already boring job even tough.  The graphics also make the website more self-explanatory thereby completely eliminating any need for the inclusion of tutorial steps. Although I have never felt the need for one, the website should consider adding some video tutorials for the ones who are very new to trading and the platform. I feel the need to mention that some traders find the graphics a bit childish, however, I do not agree with the stance. The grey don’t and the appropriate size makes the website more user-friendly but if you open the type of accounts page, you’ll notice that the yellow headings are a bit hard to read. This is something which can be improved. 

Ease of Access

By ease of access, I don’t only mean being able to log into the website 24/7, in fact, I am also referring to the availability of the website on multiple devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets. The website of the firm has both the above qualities. You can access it as many times as you want and on whatever device that you are carrying. I feel like if your Broker’s website works on a laptop or a computer only, then you are sort of bound because one cannot carry their laptop all the time. And trading is something that you keep doing irrespective of the weekdays or hours. 

Customer Support

Next, let’s see what customer support is like. I have a firm belief that if a firm fails to provide users with good customer support then it is bound to fail. Like I told you, I have been working in this area for a long time and all these years I have kept going back to the representatives for all the big and small problems that I keep bumping into. I have found the representatives highly professional, skilled, welcoming and helpful. I have been asking them all sorts of lame questions because of my experiences and they have been satisfying me. There are multiple methods to get in touch with the site administrators, such as phone, email, form submission, and live chat. There are a few small issues that I’d like to point out here. The phone option works for Canadian customers only so I could not use it but the Live Chat one I have been using and I am happy with the way it works. Also, the operational hours of the support are limited and they need to be maximized. Or there should be at least one option that is open all the time. 


This is one thing that has been awaiting the attention of the administration for a long time. Currently, the website is available in English. Although it is understood by most of the traders, there should be the addition of more of them for the ones who aren’t as comfortable with it. 


Like you must have observed, I am happy with the way NostraCapital is serving me because it lets me explore more and grow along with making profits. Getting a good broker these days is no less than a blessing and I have been fortunate enough to enjoy one. I cannot deny the fact that it has some problems but I am hoping these will be sorted out soon. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.