Guide to Year-End Accounting of Receivables

Irene L. Joffman

Accountants and business owners have a busy time during year-end period as multiple activities are required to close books for the financial year. I have listed some major activities related to accounts receivable (only) that needs to be done to prepare the books for year-end closure. This list is by […]

How to Increase the Value of Your Business

Irene L. Joffman

There are many ways to boost your sales and grow your business, no matter your budget size. However, increasing the value of your business on a tight budget can be daunting. Because it is challenging to boost your sales while keeping advertising and marketing under control. It’s easy to open […]

Why Business and Law Go Hand in Hand

Irene L. Joffman

If you are getting ready to start a new business, or if you have already done so, it is important that you understand the areas where business and law intersect and rely on one another. There are a wide variety of potential legal situations that business owners might find themselves […]

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