Golden-Gate Review 2021- Here Is How Easily You Can Become an Expert Trader (

In today’s age, getting into trading may be easy, but being successful in that field is quite complex, and there is no denying that. However, with the right broker, the trading world can be heavenly, which will be the earnings. Finding the right broker is nothing short of rare, but luckily for you, this review has everything you need to know about the best broker that I have used, which has offered me success in a short period. There are many things that a trader should be warned about before they start trading to be cautious and prevent having to be scammed and losing a large amount of money at the beginning that can be very disheartening.

To overcome this issue, a lot of research and time is required for a trader to find the right broker that fits their needs and is honest simultaneously. Sometimes a trader gives up and moves on with disappointment, which is the same position as I was a few years ago. I required proper guidance and wanted to earn as early as possible. Even though nobody close to me has any experience in the trading field, I needed direction as to which trading platform to me personally and financially, so Golden-Gate was the perfect platform.

The right broker offers the right amount of required information and knowledge about the trading itself to further expand their client’s knowledge, especially if they are novices and have little awareness about the field. Furthermore, a good platform definitely does not scam you and offers you a pleasant experience with the withdrawal process. Besides this, the packages that are provided constitute all the needed features and with that also offer excellent customer services. Therefore, after quite some research and unpleasant experiences with almost every broker I can think of, I can say that I have found the right broker to fulfill nearly every trader’s appetite regarding trading.


The layout of a trading platform has to be neat and organized while having all the necessary contents with all the required information. Moreover, all the features provided by the platform have to be accessible and easy to use because as soon as the client gets a bit confused, it is most likely that they’ll try to find a broker that suits their liking as there is many fish in the sea.

This platform satisfies all these objectives while being user-friendly and self-explanatory at the same time. I think the color contrast chosen for the platform was of good choice as the theme is light making it easy on the eye. The necessities, like, the account types, the education center, customer service, and trading platform, are all available and easy to access and have all the required data and extensive help, which is quite impressive. It has everything that a trader from the beginning level to professional will need.

Though the platform only avails two languages which are limiting, i.e., German and English. If the forum provided a broader range of dialects, it would be convenient for the international clientele. Thus, the platform will further improve their reach towards a more extensive clientele. In addition, the live chat option is available at the bottom right corner of the screen, the date and time at the top right corner, and the security information is provided at the end of the main page.

The Education Center:

The education center is the section of a trading platform where all the novices and even professional traders and everyone in-between visits the most often. It is a quick and efficient way to gain knowledge and awareness about trading. In addition, there are further sub-sections that include detailed data, i.e., Glossary, eBooks, Asset Index and FAQS.

·         Glossary:

The Glossary is where all the terms are enlisted alphabetically, stating their meaning alongside. This is the most important offering of the platform that enables the client to be kept updated with the terms used by traders on a regular basis.

·         FAQs:

The FAQs section of the education center is where I found myself most of the time while using this platform. The novices who do not have the proper guidance need to have the opportunity to have all their fundamental questions answered here in complete detail.

·         eBooks:

The eBooks provided on this platform are 12 in total. They all have a summary below each eBook that informs what type of information the eBook offers. Furthermore, the provided eBooks cover everything that you will need to know about the trading industry.

·         Asset index:

The asset index I the section where all the assets are enlisted alphabetically, making it easier to find the specific asset that you might be in search for. Along with the asset, the expiration time and trading hours are also mentioned, making the trading experience even more straightforward and hassle-free.Golden-Gate Review 2021- Here Is How Easily You Can Become an Expert Trader (

Customer Service:

Customer service is a crucial part of the trading platform industry. Ideal customer service has to offer quick and immediate responses with informative answers and complete help. They also provide a 24/7 service of good quality and Telephone line, live chat, email and filling out a form services.

I noticed that this platform doesn’t have many available options for the international traders as they only avail their telephone line to Australia and the UK. Regardless, I had an enjoyable experience with their customer service. I had utilized their live chat option as I am a bit uneasy on the phone. However, the responses were immediate and very cooperative as they further helped me and advised me about polishing up my trading skills. The service was quick, pleasant, and comfortable, which is something that I enjoyed.

The Account Types:

The account types that are given fit the needs of every trader and are very convenient.

·         Basic:

The basic account is worth 250 euros and avails over 200 tradable assets, market review, and up to 100 significant leverages.

·         Silver:

The silver account avails all the features mentioned in the basic account and additionally has a dedicated senior account manager, bonus funds, lucrative gold spreads, up to 200 significant leverages, tier 3 room analysis, financial planning, risk management planning, special venture promotions, monthly webinars, and level 3 prioritized withdrawal process all available on the cost of 10,000 euros.

·         Gold:

The gold account avails all the same features as the silver account. Further, it entails level 2 prioritized withdrawal process, private analyst sessions, weekly webinars, tier 2 trade room analyst, up to 300 significant leverages, lucrative platinum spreads, and trading signals.

·         Platinum:

The platinum account has all the features of the gold account. It exclusively consists of level 1 prioritized withdrawal process, complete access to webinars, access to lucrative VIP events, complete access to trade room analysis, up to 400 significant leverages, and VIP lucrative spreads. This package is worth over 100,000 euros

The Withdrawal Process:

The withdrawal process truly determines the quality of the broker. Therefore, the withdrawal process should move forward smoothly without any glitches, and the broker shouldn’t make the process too complicated.

This part of the trading site is the one I used to fear the most, as this is where I have gotten scammed multiple times while using other brokers and have lost a large amount of money.

However, this site instantly sends a confirmation email that notifies the client and confirms their withdrawal making the process stress-free and trusting. I thoroughly enjoyed utilizing this platform because of the sole purpose of how easy and efficient the withdrawal process is.

The Payment Methods:

The payment methods that are offered by the site have a quite limited option, i.e.

·         Maestro

·         MasterCard

·         Bank Wire

They could have further provided more methods like PayPal, VLoad, etc., that will make it easy for the people to make withdrawals. Besides this, everything was fulfilling, and I had to face no issues.


To conclude this review, it is by far the most convenient and cooperative broker that I have had the chance to come across. Furthermore, in my opinion, it is very versatile as people who have gotten into trading can enjoy this platform and grow their careers. Those experienced traders in the industry have the opportunity to upgrade and expand their knowledge and improve their skills while also being up to date with the asset trends.

This platform delivers everything that you need regarding trade. As I have said, getting into trading is not as difficult as growing, learning, and performing. To truly make something of trading is to be steady and alert to understand the psychology of trading, which is exactly what this platform is offering its clientele. To discover the tips and tricks, there is a dire need to be patient and consistent and never give up. Learning and educating yourself can be done while trading with a good platform, which is why I prefer this platform.

It is of outstanding quality as they have lots to offer and deliver it so that their quality never decreases. Hence, they never compromise their quality due to their quantity which I am a witness of. Whenever I was a bit confused or needed a hand, I had to ask for help through customer service, and my issues would vanish like thin air.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.