Digital tokens came to the world first in the year 2009. Back then no one had the slightest idea it was the next big thing. People saw how the internet was leading in the race of revolutionizing everything but no one thought it could reach the heights it has managed to climb to today. Today, there are heated debates going on if bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, will reach a point where it will successfully replace the Dollar. 

Huge multinational companies have started accepting payments in Bitcoins because of the growing popularity. Bitcoin is all set to break open the 50k USD ceiling and hence the increasing attention it is grabbing is justified. Everyone has an idea how much profits the digital token can bring about. This reputation of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is prevalent despite the associated risks.

Crypto has met a lot of mixed reactions all around the globe. Countries like China have imposed a ban on certain bitcoin activities while places like the US, Canada, Australia, and Vietnam have pro bitcoin policies. The harsh reactions that bitcoin and other cryptos had to confront are attributed to the fact that these all currencies are decentralized. Because of the reasons that there is no authority to regulate these and the high degree of anonymity that one can exercise while using it, many countries find it a huge threat to their economies. Due to these two properties, cryptocurrencies are a perfect candidate to be used for malpractices such as money laundering. The pro bitcoin and pro-Crypto countries have developed certain regulations that make them easy to adopt. 

I am also someone who felt the need to add crypto to my portfolio timely. I could see bitcoin was the next big thing so I was ready to invest in digital gold. Apart from that, I also wanted to have access to the bitcoin exchange world without having to leave my house. This demand boomed particularly after the pandemic because there was no option apart from staying at home and working and making a living, such firms seemed like one feasible option. 

For this, I had to first sign up for a reputable and trait worthy online crypto exchange company. Amongst the storm of such firms, it is very hard to pick the right one. When a firm runs online, there is a natural feeling of confusion because of the increasing cyber-attack and hacking news that we keep listening to every now and then. So how do you pick the right one and what else specs your forum should have so your crypto venture becomes more fun. 

I got to know about Keep A Bit a few years ago through a friend of mine. He was using it for years now and was a satisfied customer. I personally believe that the best kind of marketing is the one which customers do and this is only possible because of the quality service that they are presented with. So, after hearing him I was ready to do my part of the research and see if I should sign up for this platform formally or not. 


While researching the first thing which I loved was the colour scheme and the theme of the web page. The white background is perfectly complemented with purple graphics and text. Text font and style is easily readable. I personally loved the graphics because I feel they make the web page more interactive, catchy and interactive but I know many traders that this is something immature and needs to be changed. It is good if a company can provide an option where one can pick whatever way they want their graphics to look. Apart from that, the website is very user friendly. This is not only helpful to the new exchangers, in fact, the old ones who are not into technology can also make use of it easily. I like how the company has considered adding video tutorials to the pain page for helping out the young traders. 

First Impression

When I opened the website first, I remember it was from my phone and I like how it can be easily operated from this device too. We have to make deals and exchanges anytime and anywhere so your exchanging forum has to be functional on multiple devices. So when I first opened it, I was glad to find the exchange rate box right at the front. This reflects how the company is not interested in wasting your time. In fact, you open it and get to business straight away. This way you can quickly develop an idea of what’s up with the bitcoin rates and then see if you want to make a deal or not. 

The company lets you buy bitcoins in USD, AUD, and EUR which is good but I hope more options are added to the drop-down menu. So, once you have picked the currency you want to exchange, next you enter how much amount you want to exchange and it quickly calculates and tells you how much bitcoins you can buy for it.  By now you should be logged in, if you are not then a pop-up box will appear which lets you sign up and log in. 

Hassle-Free Registration for all

Signing up or registering for the forum is such an easy thing to do. All you need to do is add your working email, set a password, confirm it, enter your phone number hit sign up. There you go.  If you have an account already then you can easily log in. Once your account is made, it has to be verified. The verification process is also nothing time-consuming. After verification, you need to get to your work by picking a payment method and after that, you are all set to make your first crypto exchange deal with Keep A Bit. 

Well-Equipped Website

I understand that bitcoin is more purchased and sold hence the exchange box is for bitcoin only, but since the website covers Ethereum there should be an option where you can pick the Crypto you want like you can pick the currency you want to trade. I hope one day they add Litecoin and others too.  As we scroll down on the page, we see a flashing bar. It displays rates of Ethereum and bitcoin in USD, JYP, AUD and EUR. The cards or tiles also show graph curves so the exchangers can have an idea of the trends at a glance. Other valuable information is also available above, such as Market Price in €, Bitcoin transaction volume and Transactions fine per day. This helps the exchangers understand further that along what lines are the exchangers working these days. 

Some Technical Aspects

Apart from these, I would like to discuss some more technical aspects of the forum. The website ensures they stick to the principle of facilitating clients and hence they have made their payment methods very flexible. All major credit cards can be used including Mastercard and Visa card. Bank wire is also an option. Other than this, the forum makes use of high tech computers and software to ensure there is no delay in order execution and you never have to overpay for something you never wanted to buy. All exchangers who have been or are currently using this platform will agree that we have never seen anything going wrong with the execution speed. The website is registered with the Australian authority, Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (AUSTRAC) and this is why you need to stop worrying about your assets being safe as soon as you sign up for it. 

Fresh Crypto News 

Crypto has a lot to do with what’s going on in the market. Like we have seen, one hashtag or a Twitter trend can make the rates skyrocket or go down. This is why it is important for all exchangers to stay in touch with what’s happening in the crypto circles. This helps one make well-timed, relatively risk-free and thoughtful decisions. Keeping this in mind, the forum has introduced a well-developed blog section that covers all that should be in the knowledge of an exchanger dealing with Crypto. This section has always given me deeper insights into the trading world. I must say, all these blog articles are short to the point, interactive and informative at the same time. 

The Final Word

It won’t be wrong to say that Keep A Bit is a platform where you get all you require to enter the crypto world in one place and under one roof. And the efficiency of the forum is another feature that has helped it make space in the hearts of millions of exchanges all around the globe. Ever since I have joined this forum, I feel like I am living in an environment where I have access to first-hand information and hence, I have greater control over the date of my decisions. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.