Trading on the stock market is a high-risk activity, one that has caused me significant money-related disaster without appropriate knowledge. Along these lines, if you’re new to trading, you need to evaluate yourself with the necessary skills and abilities, and data to help reduce that risk, and forex trading courses are the best approach to deal with this. When I first started trading, I needed to understand the fundamentals of how to operate a trading platform, discover investment opportunities, calculate the return, interpret charts and financial data, and execute a trading asset arrangement. MyTradingCollege courses got my attention the moment I learned about them.

I also needed to keep up with the latest market news, trading methods and gain a strong understanding of trading psychology. During my search for reputable online trading courses, I discovered a wide variety of possibilities, each with its own set of benefits and suitability for certain types of professionals. Because a significant percentage of them are also costly, I wanted to conduct a thorough investigation before deciding.

What Was It That I Was Looking For In A Course Pack?

First and foremost, I had identified everything I required from a course pack. When I was looking for an online course, I wanted video lectures and short eBooks to follow. In this regard, you must determine your preferred learning method – whether visual, hypothetical, or practical – and keep this in mind while driving your examination, as different courses have different content management techniques. When I first came to MyTradingCollege, I was immediately impressed with their course packs, which I will go over in-depth later in my review.

MyTradingCollege has done an excellent job putting together the courses. However, PayPal is not an option for payment.

At first, I had three questions about the platform as a whole.

  • Who is in charge of the course?
  • What topics are addressed for traders at the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels?
  • What types of features are included in the course packs?

As a result of these concerns, I began to look into the website and the courses it offered. Now, we should go right into the highlights and how these courses helped me become a successful dealer.

Who Is Teaching The Course?

I was certain that I needed to become acquainted with genuine instructional material on trading. I was willing to invest a significant amount of money in an online trading course, so I wanted to be certain that the course would be taught by an expert and experienced broker with a track record in stock market success.

I did my research to ensure that the course teacher was genuine and trustworthy. MyTradingCollege has done an excellent job organizing the course material into three distinct categories that cater to novice, intermediate, and then expert traders. Regardless of the level you are on, you may benefit from all three courses.

What Are The Topics Covered In The Courses?

I started my education with their first course, named ‘Lite,’ because I was a pretty inexperienced trader. It consisted of

  • Signals for trading
  • Glossary of terms
  • Market updates
  • Calendar of economic events
  • 1 hour and a half of easy-to-understand recordings
  • 130 pages of eBooks jam-packed with activities

This course effectively helped me regain my confidence, which I had lost when I attempted my trading experience and dealt with a severe setback.

What Did The ‘Lite’ Course Teach Me?

This course is intended for total beginners (like me). Because I had never traded before, this was the first course I chose. This version is almost a hundred pages long. Many fundamentals are discussed in several eBooks. Video lectures interest me, and there are around two hours of videos available on request. With the help of the ‘Lite’ course, I not only learned the importance of training, but I also learned all of the mistakes I made when trading alone. After completing the introductory course and being more familiar with the specialized vocabulary used in trading, reading, evaluating market news, and becoming acquainted with the economic calendar using the video lectures and precise and direct eBooks, I decided to purchase the remaining two courses. I was happy and grateful to educate myself on this without difficulty.

Intermediate Level Course

For intermediate-level dealers, the next course, ‘Plus,’ is great. Individuals familiar with trading terminologies, trading signals, and market news will be introduced to trading science and will get further developed eBooks, in-depth video courses, daily analysis, assets, and live trading signals.

In addition, to complete eBooks and VoD, this course taught me the value of asset dynamics, daily investment, and everyday signals. These rates are used by successful traders regularly. Therefore, understanding them is important.

This course is now assisting me with trading essentials. I now have a good understanding of the market and can explore a deal well. As a result, I completed my first forex transaction and enjoyed the benefits in the long run. I was overjoyed to discover I had made a successful deal, and this encouraged me to continue to educate myself, so I purchased the expert-level course, as well.

Expert Level Course

This course is intended for a trader with some true knowledge of the trading environment. Currently, I had the choice of releasing my full capacity with this course. All areas of my trading experience improved due to the exercises I learned in this specially designed course. I learned the insider information and winning strategies that enabled me to achieve extraordinary results.

This course covers all aspects of the trading world; I became a high-level trader and overcame a challenge that went beyond FX trading. Following this course, I tried to invest in commodities, indices, cryptocurrency, and stocks. Fundamentally, the ‘pro’ course contains substantial level advanced eBooks, financial laws, essential and advanced specialized analysis, efficient trading processes, a comprehensive glossary of trading words, all trading instruments, and trading signals.

I felt like I was improving in these courses, and the number of advantages I’m receiving now is proof that I invested in the right platform and the suitable courses.

What Did I Learn From These Courses?

  • How I started making profits

As far as I’m concerned, it I wanted to invest money but was unsure if it was the appropriate move? Without a doubt, I was aware of the right trading decisions I was making when I began to train myself utilizing MyTradingCollege courses.

Everyone has their preferred approach to learning something new that will help them get the most out of their education. I wanted to learn more about trading since I didn’t know enough and getting a course like what MyTradingCollege has to give me goes beyond my fundamental ideas.

  • I learned the basics

When everyone used to talk about trading, and I had no idea what they meant. When I decided to teach myself, I quickly realized that trading would be really important and profitable. After checking into and purchasing the ‘Lite’ course from MyTradingCollege, my confidence level increased, and I searched the market, examined market news, and understood how everything about trading worked in no time. After the primary course, I understood what others were saying and contributed to the trade discussions. I wanted to know everything there was to know to trade effectively.

  • As a trader, I grew significantly.

The more information you have, the more money you will make. Above all, learning new things about investing and trading helped me to be a better broker. For example, when I figured out a technique to examine Forex charts, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the scenario. I learned how to choose reliable trading assets, and my trading portfolio rose steadily.

  • It gave me the ability to be strong and confident.

One thing I knew for sure was that nobody could detract me from my education and techniques in trading. With the courses that I was taking every day, I got the opportunity to put my knowledge into practice and see the results for a change. When I put the techniques, with the ‘Pro’ course I started seeing results. Aside from that, I learned how to handle my own money, which is the finest strategy for profitable trading.

In light of everything, I chose to find an optimal solution to whatever problem I faced.


Ultimately, I believe that trading education is essential. No one enjoys the possibility of losing money, so if you want to invest a portion of your money, familiarize yourself with the nuts and bolts, techniques, and methods of trading to help you become a more effective trader.

MyTradingCollege simplifies the information-gathering procedure. It truly amazes me that. It’s only accessible in English and Dutch, unfortunately.

I’m glad I opted to go through all of MyTradingCollege’s courses since I’m now a better trader. If you take all three courses from this platform, I don’t think you’ll get any more knowledge or instructional content anywhere else because they cover all fundamental and advanced topics.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only, and this is not a recommendation