It’s been around a decade that I have been trading and I have established myself as a successful trader also, at least in the eyes of those who surround me, but I can’t imagine a trader entering a trading business and landing straight on the mountain of success.  Particularly in today’s world where imposters have laid out skilful traps to ensure none of the young buds is spared, survival has become really hard. I see how they are being exploited mercilessly every day and the organizations are not ready to come out in support. We all can’t imagine how many careers and lives a strict regulation could have saved. 

If you are wondering who I am talking about, let me break it to you that trading is currently hosting a wide variety of scammers who have entered the market with one aim, which is to steal as much as they can. Fake forex is a small example from a large community. These firms have been in action for a long time now and by now they are experts in catching your weaknesses and exploiting them accordingly. In fact, they have been in the market well before I joined and this is why all the traders of my age or time have been looted at hand side by these fake firms at one time or another. You won’t believe it but I have lost count of fake firms that I have been trusting all these years and this is one reason why success without struck seems nothing but an amazing bedtime fiction. 

I remember when my dad was trading, these firms were just entering the market and he kept warning me again of all such looters. I tried hard to remember and make full use of all his advice but the tricksters know how to play with your psychology. They made me believe every single time that I had reached the right platform finally and later this became one of the reasons why it took me so long to fully trust Chelsea Investments

I heard about this platform from a senior trader who was my father’s best friend. Although he had just joined the forum, he was super confident about the broker. My experiences and the fact that he had just joined kept me confused for very long. In fact, I can recall that it took me around 6 months to finally convince myself that the broker was worth the shot. The tired-of-losing-money-me got a very small amount deposited initially but with the passage of time I gained the trust and now I can trust the broker with anything. I think the existence of such thoughts within the customer body takes a lot. I have seen the firm work towards attaining this position in the hearts of their clients and this makes me a rather satisfied customer of the forum. 

Before we proceed and start looking into the pros and cons of the forum let me tell you that the long trading journey has taught me a lot of lessons and one of them was that you’ll never find a platform that is free of flaws but this doesn’t mean you give up on the quest. You have to keep researching and looking for the best one. Another lesson, your best is not necessarily my best. This is primarily because all traders have variable needs so it is only you who can tell what suits your needs and demands the best possible way. On this note, I think we should start off with the review and give you more details regarding the online brokerage firm. 

When a trader goes through repeated mishaps and betrayals because of the forex firms there are some things that become our touchpoints. These touchpoints later formed my checklist and because I never felt the need for it after joining Chelsea Investments, I keep sharing it with the ones who keep seeking advice. So let’s see what’s on my checklist and how well Chelsea Investments is when it comes to all those points. 

  • Keeps safe private information and data (5/5)
  • Transactions’ details are fully confidential (5/5)
  • 24/7 access to the account (5/5)
  • No discrimination on basis of type accounts (4.7/5)
  • User-Friendly Website (4.6/5)
  • Clear cut legal documentation (5/5)
  • Tools and Indicators’ accuracy and reliability (4.6/5)
  • Rapid order execution (4.8/5)
  • Supportive customer support (4.7/5)
  • A large variety of tradable assets (4.8/5)
  • Educational Resources (3.8/5)
  • Languages available (3/5)
  • Stocks information readily available (4.7/5)

You’ll notice that in the list above not all points are of equal importance but this does not mean that their absence will work. If you have been trading even for a small time, you’ll notice how imperative it is that all the above areas are well covered by the administration.

Let’s see if the overall working environment is considered secure it not. I would say that I have been most satisfied by the way security measures are taken here. I can’t recall ever falling into any issue because of compromised security measures. I have seen how much they are concerned regarding our private information and data. Unless you allow it to be shared with any involved third party, your data will remain safe in the computers of the firm. The same goes for transaction details. I would particularly like to praise how they have never blocked my access and I am allowed to open and use my account whenever I want to. Many fake forex firms restrict log in activity so that you remain away and they steal all the hard-earned money. 

Another distinguishing feature that I would like to discuss is that this forum doesn’t have multiple accounts types that have features segregated. This allows the users to pick one which suits them but somehow it also causes the company to be biased towards the higher account holders. For example, withdrawal priority is given to the ones with platinum accounts to the basic ones that have to suffer but in all, in one account you get to pay for features you might never use. So I will leave this on you to decide after keeping in mind your business if it is a pro or a con. For me it was a good thing because I have never been able to see which account suits me the best and upgrading the account is another time-consuming process that you can avoid this way. 

It is of utmost importance that the website is user friendly when the business has to go online. I have found it fairly good in terms of ease of use. Also, the themes, graphics, fonts and the rest is up to the mark for me at least. However, if more videos and colours were added then the website could be made even better. I would like to bring to your notice that the website can be used on your phone, laptop and tablets so you need not worry about carrying your laptop everywhere. This feature has helped me a lot. 

I rely a lot on what the tools and indicators tell me. I keep a track of the trends and only then make a decision. Let me tell you that these prediction tools are not 100% accurate so always do your research. As for the order execution, I am happy with that too. 

I am not very happy with the fact that the website can only be used in one English language because we have many traders who might not be as good with English as the natives are. So more options need to be added and the switch language option should be placed at the top. 

The education segment is very well laid out. I like how they put in all the effort to impart knowledge through multiple methods like glossary, assets index, eBooks and FAQs. I have been to all these sections and the content is great but I don’t like how they don’t update it more often for consumers like me who are eagerly looking for more information. The time-saving format of the entire section is praiseworthy particularly the FAQs. These are usually put out to save time so what’s the point if you waste it looking for the answer to the question in your mind.  Here they have been grouped together under categories based on topics. 

Concluding Remarks

Chelsea Investments has been a greater broker for me so far. If you ask me, I’ll give it a 4.85/5. As a trader, I think this is well deserved because of the way they put in more effort. A few less than the total because there are some shortcomings that should be addressed. I hope by now you have a greater idea regarding the forex firm and now you can make a decision very easily. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.