With all the developments in the trading world, we see that trading has taken several turns and twists in a small period of time. The present form is all about convenience and ease. There is no need to leave the comfort of your house and to travel miles to the stock exchange for making deals. In today’s world, your phone’s screen has the entire stock market and much more together on it. This is why today’s traders don’t get to experience all the hardships that those before us had to. 

But it will be wrong to say that now things have become easier in all ways. In the present era, we have new threats that attack even violently leaving behind nothing. Yes, I am talking about all the forex firms which operate in the market with one aim of looting and plundering. You must have seen that these have naive traders on target largely because they are too young to understand their petty gimmicks. 

I have seen many people being exploited terribly at the hands of these imposters. Some of them get back up and get going again while others return home dejected and upset. Today people think I am successful and this is how it has been but the reality is contrary to their beliefs. I have struggled a lot and when I say a lot I mean that I have also been to a point where the only option I was left with was to give up. 

Had it not been my uncle Joan, I would have given up way before. He was the one who told me about Blueprint Capital. He said that before quitting, I should give it a shot. I wasn’t ready to waste more time but he managed to convince me to look into it. I remember how I started research with zero interest and motivation but the response of the ones I went to, for asking about the platform amazed me. None of them asked me to avoid using it and all of them were positive. Let me tell you that I have been a forex trader for around 25 years and I have been a customer of around 6. Each one of them was more inefficient than the other and this is why I had to leave them. 

When I used to go researching for these, I always got mixed responses. Some people said they were great and others used to be convinced they weren’t worth it. In utter confusion, I kept giving chances and kept losing money. But this time it was particularly different and it was this response that got me going. Well, I joined the platform and gradually I saw my trust-building up on the website. I was so glad to find out one day that I was ready to get my account upgraded. This was an indicator that the firm Blueprint Capitalhad finally won both, my heart and my trust. 

Ever since then, our relationship has only strengthened because the firm has never kept from making efforts to make my working experience even better. Although the firm has some flaws which might or might not be significant for you but for me at least, the firm has been great. I understand how all traders have variable needs and demands so I can’t say it would be great for you too. However, in the review below, I’ll try to put out as many pros and cons as possible so that the scenario gets a little clearer. 


  • Great Security
  • Professional customer support staff
  • Fairly good tools and indicators
  • Rapid order execution
  • Data and private information kept highly confidential
  • No need for any extra installations
  • Easy to use website for all sorts of traders
  • Satisfactory educational material
  • Accounts segregated fairly keeping in mind the diverse needs of traders
  • Multiple payment options
  • Multiple methods to get in touch with customer support representatives such as phone, email, form, etc. 
  • Light backdrop
  • Engaging webpage
  • Website can be operated using multiple devices
  • Around 200 tradable assets available
  • Easy registration
  • Stocks bar to keep you updated
  • Client first approach
  • Up to the mark technology
  • Option available to switch between light and dark graph backdrop


  • Website available in English only
  • No date and time bar
  • Limited hours of customer support availability
  • No international number available
  • No videos added to the page to make it more attractive 

I have tried to enlist some of the important pros and cons that I have observed here at Blueprint Capital. Let’s go through all of these quickly so you have a greater idea about the way stuff works at this firm. 

Like I have mentioned above, I am satisfied with the services that I receive here because they have allowed me to grow and learn as a trader. A trader’s satisfaction with a broker has a lot to do with the profits but I feel like there’s more to it. If you just look at it in totality, it is the optimal trading environment that has the greater role to play. The small term is large in reality because it caters to everything from the peace of mind and security of assets to supportive administration and the honesty of the firm towards the consumer. I think if the firm runs on one principle which is client-first then it is bound to succeed and win the hearts of millions like Blueprint Capitalhas already done.

If we start looking at the firm’s features individually then it will be a little hard so let’s touch on the major ones. Let’s first see what security is like on the platform. I have to say I have never been concerned about how safe my money is with them ever since my trust was established in the company. This is mainly because I have seen them go out of the way to ensure that our security never stands compromised. One such example is the disclaimer which says operations are stopped in some areas which are done only to keep the rest of the users free from any added threats. 

Apart from security, customer support is also highly well developed. I have seen that they train the individuals very well before they let them come to the workstations. This is done in an attempt to ensure that the customer never feels like the company hasn’t got their back. 

The tools and indicators are also very well developed. I have found them accurate largely with minor discrepancies. You must know that none of the tools can be 100% accurate unless your firm is a scam. I have also compared these to those of other firms and I am satisfied by the way they work. 

You can make use of any of the three available options to make payments which is a great thing. However, I hope they add bitcoin and PayPal soon. 


Let’s talk about some of the cons that I think should be looked into immediately. 

I feel like language can be a huge barrier for non-natives and this is why the company should consider adding more to the list on a priority basis. If you are okay with the language English then you can surely give it a shot but if you are not then you might have to revise your decision of joining it or wait until the firm adds up your language. If you are seriously interested in joining and the language is keeping you then I recommend you to drop an email on the ID provided in the contact us section. I hope they will respond and introduce it as soon as possible. 

I have been trading for so long and I have my watch and other devices but I always feel the need for the date and time bar because it helps you stay aware of the time zone differences. If you have been trading even for a small period, you’ll know how important it is that you keep a track of time while making deals. 

Although I am happy with the customer support, the small flaws should be addressed on a priority basis. Non-availability of an international number means that people living in most parts of the world cannot make use of the call option.  WhatsApp numbers are also not provided as an alternative. 

Also, I feel like the survival of young traders has become so hard already. They should be charged less for accounts and more features should be provided in the basic account to ensure they learn and improve their trading skills fast. 

Concluding Remarks

Blueprint Capitalhas been great for me so far. I know there have been some problems with the broker that I have listed above but if you draw its comparison with the competitors you’ll see how much more it offers you in a small amount of money. Also, the calm and satisfaction it gives you have no price. I hope and pray that you all get to experience that really soon. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.