Hello you all. I am Robinson Jacob. I have been working as a trader for around a year now and I can say that I have seen trading grow with me. While we both grew together, I found it very deadly and very comforting at the same time. This isn’t something made up for a cool start, in fact, this is what my trading life has been throughout. I joined when I was just a teenager and it took me a good 10 years to reach what most people like to call heights of success. Not trying to be modest, it’s just that I have seen so much turbulence that I can’t really figure out if it should be called success or a little less failure. 

Even today, I tend to get stuck in issues that seem to be enough to put an end to my trading career but I have now realized trading would have not been trading without these highs and lows. Initial times were lows only. Survival of young traders with little prior knowledge was hard back then, but now it’s even harder. I see so many traders coming and going every day. But things can get better if you are ready to invest effort and not only money.

It is the fake Forex firms that are in action mainly. They have mastered the art of fooling young minds and exploiting them by laying down the skilful traps which seem nothing but good luck to the victims. Gradually reality dances in and that’s when you open your eyes to the verge of giving up. I have been through these times myself so I can relate with you all. It’s okay, you can always get up and dust it off. 

Moving on can be made a lot easier if you get your hands on a good and reputable forex trading firm. Mine was CVMarkets. I was around 25 back then when my cousin told me about this. He said people all around him were talking about it so it might be worth the shot. I was not ready to trust something merely because it was being talked about. I told myself one more chance and then I can leave. I decided to look into the firm and if I am convinced about its efficiency, only then I’ll join formally. 

I had experienced and heard of so many innovative ways to trap traders so you can imagine how I would have looked at it from so many different perspectives. When someone has been harmed by something recently, they become more sensitive and always go the extra mile to ensure it does not happen again and so did I. This was why it took me so long to decide if I had to go for it. I found CVMarkets worth the shot. It’s been so many years that I am a satisfied customer of the firm and I wish to review the services to help you all out of the fake forex fuss. 

I hope my word isn’t the last word for you and just a part of your research process because I can’t say if one firm would work for you. All traders have variable needs. I have seen CVMarkets work best to ensure they serve all the traders to the best of their ability but it is you at the end who holds the power to give out the final verdict. This review is an account of how I have found the broker all these years and what pros and cons are present that you should be aware of before signing up. 

Customer Care

If you are a newbie, you might think that customer support should come low on the priority list. I feel like this is something that should come right after something like security because if you can not get in touch with your firm and discuss issues, there’s no way a trust-based relationship establishes between the client and the firm if you have no professional to represent the firm. I have found the customer care at the firm highly efficient. We were told that the representatives at the firm are hired and not allowed to get in contact with customers unless they are fully trained. This training is done not only to teach them how to solve issues but also tells them how to handle the client. This much effort is invested because the firm realizes very well that it is these individuals who form the face of the firm later on. 

If you open the “Contact Us” option, you’ll be taken to the page where you’ll find multiple ways to get in touch with the representatives. These include call, chat, email and form submission. I have never used the call option, despite my preference, because it is only available for customers living in the United Kingdom and Australia. I use the Live Chat option because it helps me carry out a one on one conversation. Email must be responsive but I have never used it. I was stuck in some problem and the representative asked me to fill out the form because it lets you attach screenshots and make your message easy to convey. I have used it so I must say it is a great option as well. Another drawback that I would like to point out is that chat and phone hours are limited. Because we trade 24/7 so we keep hitting into problems all the time so these hours should be extended. Otherwise, I have found the service great. I have been bothering them with all sorts of issues. Like once I called because I couldn’t find the Ebooks and I have also been talking to them about important issues like account upgrading. These individuals have been very patient, helpful and warm all these times. I can safely say that after joining the firm you need to stop worrying about security and customer care and if a firm gives you these two then it is surely trustworthy. 


I like how CVMarkets is always caring about the needs of customers and never keeps it from facilitating but there are some points which are waiting for the attention of the firm for quite some time. The website can only be accessed in English. I understand the reason behind the choice is that it is the most widely spoken and understood language all around the globe but out of a large number of clients from diverse parts of the world, not all are equally good with the language. More languages should be added soon to make trading even easier for that segment of the clientele. 

Payment Options

Yet again the firm shows how they keep an eye on diverse needs by introducing several ways to make payments. These options include Maestro, Mastercard, Bankwire and Vload. I have been using Bankwire a lot and am rather satisfied with how my payments have always gone with it. However, I have always felt the vacant space for PayPal keeping in mind a large number of people all around the globe who use it. I know a lot of new traders who had to learn to use these options because they had been using PayPal before. I hope that the company adds it soon. 

Dark Backdrop

You must have come across many different traders who always want dark backgrounds but I have worked with dark backgrounds and I know they aren’t my thing because they make complex processes such as reading charts so much harder. Apart from that, I generally find it hard to use and find options with dark backgrounds. The one feasible option is the introduction of an option that lets you switch between dark and light coloured backgrounds. This will suit the segments. 


A good and well-developed education section reflects the concern of the firm towards educating the customers. No matter what heights of success you reach, you will always feel the need to learn and educate yourself. For this, they have introduced a section that provides you with Ebooks, Glossary, Assets Index and FAQs. All of these have equally valuable content but one thing which has to be worked upon is that all these need to be updated more often. My favourite is the ebooks section because it helps me gain knowledge regarding the issues that are in trend. FAQs cover most of the important issues and are grouped in a very time-saving manner. The same goes for the glossary and Assets Index. 


Picking a forex firm is not easy in today’s time because of the presence of a large number of imposters. Amidst the current situation, finding a trustworthy firm is nothing less than a blessing. CVMarkets rescued me at the right time and I am forever thankful for that. I hope you find your long-term forex partner soon and enjoy the optimal trading environment benefits. Good luck to you all.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.