Reaching success is not as fancy as it looks. When you meet an accomplished trader, you can only see the bright side of the picture. If you try peeping deep down, you’ll find the trader standing on the foundations of the struggle of hardships. I have met very few people in my 60-year life who have not struggled to achieve what they dreamt for. Many people call me highly successful today but only I know what it took me to reach here. I have also gone through a time where I was so disappointed by fake forex firms, that I had no choice but to quit. 

If you are currently going through any such thing, you need not lose your calm because you can land out of this mess like I did years back. The only thing which came to my aid at that time was RosewoodTrust. RosewoodTrust is a well-reputed forex firm that continues ruling the hearts of millions to date. A friend of mine told me about it, he said his dad, who was also a trader, was a satisfied customer of the broker. 

Initially, I was not ready to trust another firm because a series of disappointments made me think no forex firm in the world is honest. He convinced me to at least look into it so I got back home and opened the website. I will say I found the website very impressive at first but this wasn’t enough to convince a trader who has lost all fortune to sign up. I wanted to do thorough research because deep down I knew this was my last firm. 

Well, it took me a good three weeks to fully investigate all the important points that now became my touchpoints. I went to my seniors who kept an eye on all the brokers and most of them suggested that I give it a shot. Not only that, but I also read tons of reviews and then researched to see if each of the allegations had anything to do with the reality.  Finally, I was ready to sign up. 

My friend asked me to start by opening a small account first and by putting in a small sum of money. This is usually recommended to see if the firm is reliable and if it can cater to all your trading needs well. If things don’t go the right way you don’t have to suffer from a huge loss. Well, very soon my trust was established and now I can say I trust RosewoodTrust blindly. 

It’s been quite a long time since I am a customer of RosewoodTrust and now I feel like I should put out my version of the story in front of you all in the form of a review. This is being done in an attempt to help all the struggling traders out there. I have a full idea regarding how lethal these fake forex firms can be so I would recommend you thoroughly look into all the important points. I am going to give you a brief account of how I found all these at RosewoodTrust. I hope this will make your research process fast and more fruitful. 

Before we start formally, I wish to bring it to you all that you’ll not come across a single forex platform in your life that will be just perfect. All of them have associated flaws and you need to pick a set of them that suits you and your trading needs the best. 

  • A Look into Security

All traders mutually agree that nothing comes above security. If you don’t have a secure working environment the best trading skills will be of no use. I have been to forums that gave me the most flashy features but I feel like they were empty inside because they had very compromised security measures. A good company will always invest in making the network safe and secure. Here at RosewoodTrust I have never seen or felt anything suspicious. In fact, management keeps adding disclaimers and warning all the time to ensure that we are well aware of the threats and avoid them. If you read the disclaimer at the bottom of the website you’ll see how clearly it states that the website is not operational in some regions of the world only because serving traders in those jurisdictions means an added threat to the traders living in other parts of the world. I have, and you should also, always go through the legal documents uploaded. On reading those, I found out how all the terms, conditions, legal and sensitive issues have been clearly stated so you don’t remain oblivious to anything and end up being fooled. Such approaches towards customer safety are rarely found online. 

  • Interactive Theme

This is the next thing a trader must consider keeping in mind that all the operations you conduct online. If you are not comfortable with the theme and the colours, your efficiency will be greatly affected so better look into it beforehand. I am not a huge fan of the dark backdrop because it makes chart reading very hard. You want precise values and obtaining them seems like a huge deal with all the darkness. I feel like this is one thing that needs improvement. Apart from this, I like almost everything in particular how the videos have been integrated to make the website more engaging. Important options have been highlighted blue and the font size and colour are easily readable. This helps on only the old experienced traders but also the new ones to quickly reach the command button they are looking for. The back to the top button makes it easier to use from the phone because you need not keep scrolling to go back to the top.

  • Feedback Tiles

The addition of feedback tiles is another great idea that helps the users build trust in the firm. The reviews from customers have been added with a rating and they talk about the good and the bad which traders see in the firm. I like how they have added the location and the photo of the reviewer because this makes it more authentic and trustable. However, if the date and email were added, it would’ve been great. When you visit the website you’ll see that all ratings are not the same. This suggests two things 1) that the firm is honest with you 2) like I was talking above, one firm cannot be perfect for all because we all have different requirements as traders and these depend highly on the nature of trading operations that we carry out. 

  • Use while on the go

Another thing that has made me a fan of RosewoodTrust is that the website can be used from both, your laptop and phone. I have also heard it works on a tablet but I have never used it. The website is equally interactive and user friendly from both devices. This is particularly done to help you avoid carrying a laptop with you all the time which is impossible anyway. I was once visiting my sister who lives abroad and I forgot to carry my laptop. There, I wanted to make a deal that seemed very profitable and only then I realized how helpful this feature can be. Also, you can access it on your internet browser and this eliminates the need to make any external installations that can be dangerous to both your laptop and your data. No matter what device you’re making use of, enter your email and access your account anytime, anywhere. 

  • Multiple Methods for Payments

If a firm cares for its clients, it is reflected from all the parts of the website. If you scroll down the page, you’ll see some icons there. These are the options that you can make use of for making payments. A total of four are available at the moment; Bankwire, Maestro, Mastercard, VISA and Bankwire. All these are popular in one part of the world or the other and this aids the traders in making payments using any method that they trust largely. Transactions and payments at RosewoodTrust are immensely safe and secure. All your data is protected all the time. Although, I have never felt so there are traders who are easier with PayPal. The company should consider adding that keeping in mind a large number of people all around the globe who use it. 


RosewoodTrust came to me like a breath of fresh air and since then it continues making me feel good about my choice. I like how I landed on the forum at the right time and I can’t thank the administration enough for making me feel at ease all the time I work with them. I cannot deny that there are some flaws that need to be fixed on a priority basis. Even then, I am not ready to give up on the forum because it gives me a trading environment that is rarely found today. I hope you get to experience this soon.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.