Online trading platforms are those that provide users with the possibility to trade on financial markets through the Internet. Online trading often offers better rates than traditional trading paired with larger flexibility and more tools and instruments; however, this is not always true in reality. Needless to say, because of the variety of possible risks involved as well as different types of online trading platforms, trading online requires more caution than trading in a traditional setting.

There are two main types of online trading, namely: Spot and Binary options.

Spot trading is when investors can trade spot instruments that are traded with the same settlement time on exchanges around the globe. Traders have access to both intra-day and end-of-day markets and have a large selection of assets to trade with. The main difference between spot trading and binary option trading is that in spot trading the investor has full rights to receive or pay a certain amount of money according to whether they were right or wrong about their prediction, while in Binary Option Trading the trader either receives or pays an amount of money according to whether the prediction was right or wrong.

In traditional trading, investors have to pay brokerage fees when placing trades while this is usually not the case with online platforms. However, there are still certain costs that traders have to consider, namely: commissions that are sometimes charged on top of the spread which is the difference between the buying and selling price of an asset, deposit fees and taxes. All forums do not necessarily take these, neither is the amount predefined for any of these. 

A few things should be taken into account when choosing an online trading platform for trading. First of all, as previously mentioned one should check whether or not they charge commissions. Next of all, one should look into the type of assets that are offered on the platform as well as the number and quality of tools that are made available for traders.

Another important consideration when choosing an online trading platform is to make sure that they clearly list all associated risks on the website which ensures safety and protection for both trading and deposit. In the world of online trading, there are many platforms to choose from. As a result, it is easier nowadays than ever before to quickly find an online platform that best suits investors’ needs.

However, there have been numerous cases in which a fake forex trading firm has taken away the hard-earned money of traders. Aforementioned, make sure you do your research before choosing an online broker!

If you are just starting out with online trading or looking to start your own career in the financial market I would advise that you only consider and trade with well-reputed brokers who offer fair conditions to traders. Check the reviews of any broker before opening an account and remember to read the terms & conditions, risk warning. I did the same when I was researching for Victoria-Coins and think it really helps. I and many of my fellow traders think that this forum can be trusted with not only your assets but also with your future. Let’s have a look at some of the major features of Victoria-Coins. 


The trading market is one of the largest markets in the world. Online trading platforms are very popular and many people use them to get access to such a large marketplace. However, online trading exposes traders to financial risks that they need to be aware of before engaging in transactions on these platforms.

 In order to conduct successful transactions, it is important to keep an eye on shifting market conditions and know whether your asset should be traded right now or not. There are literally hundreds of online brokers where you can do this very thing at any given time around the clock but things aren’t that easy. Many experts, including myself, think that online trading is more complex than any other forms that it has taken before and hence one has to be very vigilant. 

Much has been said about how safe online trading platforms and brokers are these days thanks to their increased focus on security and advanced protection software a few of them have developed after the continuous attacks. Victoria-Coins is one of them. After working with them for so many years, I have realized that they invest heavily in the area and this is why we have never heard any trader complaining about the security measures they take. 

The truth is that online trading platforms have had a reputation for being insecure which stems from incidents that took place in past years and this keeps a lot of traders away from the area but if we have more brokers like this one, things can get better for the young lot in terms of opportunities. 

One-Stop Solution

Victoria-Coins website provides access to financial instruments, such as stocks, in the form of real-time trade information and order execution functionality. It has been demonstrated that stock trading on this forum can achieve performance better than traditional trading platforms implemented in conventional programming languages.

Many existing Web-based trading systems require users to consult multiple websites in order to gather information, let’s say on a single stock, which is time-consuming and inefficient. One has to keep looking for reliable sources of information, then use other sources to process the data to bring it into a form that can be analyzed. To beat this, this platform provides us with a website that allows end-users to efficiently monitor financial information regarding multiple assets by integrating these data from different external and internal authentic sources. 


One thing that I have noticed at this forum is that the company is all for automation. They have an idea of how much ease automation can bring and this is why all their processes and procedures require minimum human interference particularly in predictive tools and indicators. Apart from this, automation allows for lower operating costs which result in low fees as well as faster order execution compared to traditional stock exchanges. Moreover, access to the e-trade market is not limited by time zones or working hours of a particular country’s regulator. I believe that automation is a feature that lets the broker distinguish itself from the rest. 


Feedback is a very important part of any company or a business. It not only helps the company improve and bring innovation, but also helps the new traders see if the firm will work for them or not. If you open the Victoria-Coins website you will find that they have incorporated some feedback tiles where customers talk about the worth mentioning qualities and flaws about the firm. I have been sending my feedback to be displayed there and I like how they do it honestly without editing out any parts. This section is very helpful and more brokers should add it up.  


Some online brokers offer educational content about investing for clients to read through on their website, or even downloadable PDFs and videos. Educational booklets may be ordered from the site which will then be mailed to the address of the customer’s residence. Some online brokerages provide trading tutorials on certain platforms so customers can learn more about using them during live market sessions. Victoria-Coins has created an education centre for clients who wish to learn how to trade stocks, options, or forex but have little prior experience. Those who have been trading for a long time can also benefit from the section but unfortunately, they do not offer downloadable PDFs, mailing services and video lectures. If these few points are worked on then this will be very helpful for the traders and the already comprehensive education segment will become even better. 

App Not Available

Although the forum has been good for my trading career, there are some small points that, if improved, can make the lives of traders even easier. One of them is that the company has provided a very well laid out web version of the website and the phone and tablet ones are also available but there is no app. These days we are in a habit of using a lot of apps and I think Victoria-Coins should consider coming up with one. This way we will not have to rely on the slow working internet browsers. 


Victoria-Coins was suggested to me by a very old friend Mr. David who had been trading for a very long time. He said this one is more about serving customers than making money and I have felt what he meant all these years. This company has not only helped me earn but also allowed me to work on my trading skills and add up to my sources of income so that I never fall short of opportunities to make money. There were some flaws too but I hope they will be sorted out soon. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.