Forex trading is booming nowadays, as more and more people are getting involved in the huge amount of money that can be made throughout trading.  Due to this, many Forex brokers have appeared online and it has become somewhat difficult for traders to select a reputable broker.  Along with that, there are so many scams and dishonest broker’s out there that it is not easy to find the right one. 

My friend told me to join his group which was doing some kind of Forex trading. I had no idea what it was, but he told me that the returns were massive, so I decided to go for it. Like most people nowadays, I started by visiting several Forex broker websites to try and find one that met my needs.

Since I needed to make money as soon as possible, I quickly started trading with different platforms with no knowledge whatsoever and that mistake led me to huge losses. I made some stupid mistakes, such as placing stop-losses at the maximum loss values or setting my trades to expire exactly on the day I absolutely needed money. Although things seemed bad and were actually very bad for a period of my trading career, I learned some valuable lessons from that terrible experience and managed to turn them into profit in the long run.

I was on the verge of losing hope of making money with trading until I came across the Carter-Williams trading course. When I started reading the information shared on his website, there was a sudden excitement that crept into my heart and I immediately felt like I have finally found something that would definitely work for me!

Carter-Williams provided me with all the details needed to make a successful trading plan that could lead towards my financial freedom. When I saw the site for Carter-Williams, there was an instant recognition of his credibility and it made me feel like this is a person that could actually help me out.

Even though I had some experience trading with other platforms before joining Carter-Williams, I still learned a lot from them. Carter-Williams Forex is very professional, and can literally be a one-stop-shop for all your trading needs. They are providing the best information about the market and its trends that will help you to make better decisions on your trades, they also have an awesome educational section where you can learn more about forex and its strategy. If you have questions regarding their platform, they will be more than happy to help you and answer your questions.

Who would use Carter-Williams Forex? 

All levels of traders can benefit from Carter-Williams because it is a very flexible platform. It offers a wide array of tools that will make things much easier for you when trading. It can be customized for your needs, whether you’re experienced or a beginner in the Forex market.

Now let’s talk about some important features that any broker should excel in. I will also incorporate my views on Carter-William keeping those features in mind.

Safety and Security:

Safety and security should be the no.1 priority of any trading platform. Carter-Williams is no different. To protect its clients from the market volatility they have established a very strict withdrawal policy, which I will be discussing further in this review.

To ensure the protection of their clients’ personal info and data, Carter-Williams has decided to make all transactions via SSL encryption. This means that no one could access your sensitive information, without having your personal certificate installed and activated.

They ask for two factor verification for the account, making sure that only you can access your personal information. The data is only shared between the managers of the platform and you. It doesn’t have any interference with your personal record and information. All the privacy policies and terms and conditions are listed at the bottom of the webpage. 

Educational material:

The most important thing about the Carter-Williams trading platform is its ability of offering a variety of educational materials. The more comfortable you get with trading, the better you perform it. To make that happen, Carter Williams has made a special step – created the Glossary section. The Glossary is being updated every single day with an aim to keep you up to date with all topical events related to Forex trading.

The glossary has all the terminologies related to Forex trading and all of its essential details. If you don’t understand any word or term, just click on the link provided underneath and you will be directed to the page where all those terms are explained in detail. Every single time a new terminology is added, an email notification is being sent to your account manager to make sure that you get all of the most recent information related to Forex trading.

eBooks play an important part in human life. They are not just books we use to store information, they are the stepping stone of new ideas and revelations that help us in our daily lives. Carter-Williams’ Forex trading eBook is a good source for knowledge about this field of business. There is a total of 12 eBooks that are available free of cost for all levels of traders. However, after finishing every eBook on the platform, I felt that they need to add more eBooks that are for advanced users.

The FAQ is also helpful, so you can check out the answers before going to your account managers for any doubts. You will surely get help from them and ask further questions necessary for a better understanding of this platform. If you still have a problem, it is best to contact their customer service via emails or live chats because they are available all over the clock 24/5.

The assets index is where you will find all the assets from the Forex market. It is one of the most used platforms for traders to make their trades and look at various assets such as gold, silver, oil, or stocks. The Carter-Williams assets index has specific feedback about each of those assets and it can be very important for you to understand how this information could help you in your trades.

Customer Service:

You can call among the working hours or submit a ticket and wait for a reply. They have been helpful so far in my experience. They have the option for live chat, phone call, and email as well. I have used their live chat option and it was quick and efficient. Although, the phone service is only available for the residents of Canada.

They have a good team of professional account managers that help you out with anything you need. I personally had the pleasure to be assisted by one of their representatives, who has been one of the best customer service experts I have come across in the Forex trading industry. He has helped me a lot with my questions and doubts during my account opening and profile modification (which is a very useful feature so you do not have to contact customer service every time you need help).

The platform gives the option of modifying your account at any given time. This means, if you place a trade in a wrong direction, all you have to do just modify it. Although many brokers only let you modify trades within a minute or two, Carter-Williams give the option of modifying it anytime.

I haven’t had any problems with withdrawing money from Carter Williams considering that you follow their instructions. You give them your bank details and they will give you an account number to make a transfer, once they confirm reception of your funds, you can ask them to make withdrawals and they will do it as soon as possible.

How it performs as a trading platform?

Ease of browsing is one more thing which Carter Williams recognizes as very important feature for their users, so they created a completely new and easy to understand layout for everyone who comes from different business backgrounds. A variety of colors and design make website very mobile-friendly and therefore it can be accessed from any type of device. Carter Williams include a lot of pictures so that all necessary information is given in an easy and immediate way, therefore getting used to this website is achievable very quickly.

In Carter-Williams company you will get a complete picture over your current situation as well as the market status, open orders and past activities, that will not only help you understand the situation but also to make informed decisions.

Their trading platform is so advanced that it gives traders a chance not only to analyze their Forex investments but also has an ability to use technical indicators for each one of them. They have created a lot of possibilities, such as drawing trend lines on charts.

It is very important to be flexible in order to become a successful trader, that’s why Carter-Williams platform gives you an opportunity to create your own trading plan and modify it as you wish, or even choose one of default trading plans if you decide not to use your brain at all. Trading plans are very easy to understand and can be customized in the way you want.

My Final Verdict:

In Carter-Williams platform you will find only safe and reliable services. They allow their customers to make withdrawals every day and pay all commissions after each transaction completes with a minimum of four hours. In the Carter Williams Forex trading platform, traders can learn more about how to reduce risk level by using hedging strategies or inverse trades, and many other things that are important for successful online trading.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.