People are often amazed when I tell them that I have been with my forex firm for so many years now. Some of them believe while others don’t. And the ones who do have a long list of questions because they want to know what exactly keeps me hooked to this broker. I don’t mind answering these questions in today’s era when fake ones have become so prevalent but mostly I am running out of time which makes me unable to give in-depth answers. 

Today I have decided to review my forex firm, TopMarketCap. I got to know about this broker from a friend whose father was a customer of this broker. She said that she has always found his dad happy about the choice and that I should also look into it. I kept delaying until one day I opened the website and since that day I could not let go of the broker. Although it has some small shortcomings which need to be addressed, it seems great largely. I want to make it clear that I researched b

For around 8 months before joining this forex firm, I expect you to put in the same effort if you want to be sure that you will not end up on the losing end. 

Explore and earn

I am a firm believer that the trader who manages to stay in the market for a longer time is the one who keeps exploring and learning. My dad used to tell me that I’ll become successful the day I start enjoying my profession and if it turns into a burden then it would not last long. After joining Too Market Cap, I actually understood what he meant. This broker allowed me to make good use of the space because I kept going here and there. I started off as a forex trader but ended up trading stocks, crypto. I am in my 60s now but my plans to look into indices seem more executable than ever. Anyway, the only reason to explain this is that the trader’s sustainability in this market is connected to the diversity he brings in his portfolio. 

Apart from that, in today’s era, when no branch of trading seems any less unpredictable and volatile, you cannot make the mistake of sticking to one revenue stream. Mature and experienced traders always recommend not to rely on one source of income and TopMarketCap is there to facilitate you in this regard with their more than 5 tradable assets. When I joined this broker I had no idea how much a diverse portfolio can help one because before that I had been to brokers that deliberately kept the customers stuck to one area because this way they are easy to trick. If you are a trader then always consider exploring more options and signing up for brokers that are encouraging this way. 

You are the boss

Do not let your forex firm boss around. Yes, I have seen and heard of many forex firms which determine how the customers will use the platforms. I am referring to the limited access issue. Many companies do not let the customers use the forum 24/7 and tag the accounts as the ones with limited access. Usually replies like maintenance time or refreshing server come your way if you inquire. But the reality is somewhat different. Poor traders are tricked and trapped so that they remain out of their accounts as executable plans to steal money are made. All this time is taken to make the loss look like the fault of the customer. Unfortunately enough, I have seen this method working out. Many traders trust whatever they are being told and end up losing whatever they have. 

Here at TopMarketCap, this is not how things go. You have all the right to access your account, make deals, withdraw or not whenever and wherever without having to seek permission. This is one thing that is an indicator of the firm being an honest one. If the website ever goes under maintenance then the traders are informed beforehand. Also, this happens in off-hours most of the time when the trading activity is generally low. Suspension of services is a rare event unless you are visiting some country where the services have been suspended on purpose due to security threats. 

Well guarded assets

The very next thing that we would talk about is security. This was the first thing that I looked for in the broker. If your forex firm is not good at providing you up to the mark services to make you feel confident about the assets’ safety then you need to ask yourself if the risk is worth it and the answer will always be no. No trader would ever recommend you to trust a firm that is not proactive about protecting your assets no matter how many flash features it brags about or what state of the art tools it has because all these are secondary needs. I have seen traders losing millions of dollars at the hands of poor security. 

TopMarketCap is committed to providing us all with the best security. I have seen that the management never keeps from going out of the way to ensure that we never feel uneasy about how well guarded our assets are. They use computer networks and software that are technologically advanced. I have also seen them frequently keep upgrading the systems because hackers these days are always coming forwards with new ways to invade. If the security measures are not upgraded and up to the mark then there’s no way out private data and money remains safe. Ever since I have joined this firm, I have never worried about losing my money in a security breach. 

Superior User Interface

Let us talk about the user interface now. This is also another aspect that is gaining increasing importance because the world has started to rely more and more on digitalization. If a firm that runs online, does not have a good website then how can one expect it to grow and thrive. However, there’s one thing that you need to be mindful of. I have not only seen brokers that offer websites with horrible interfaces, in fact, I have also had the misfortune of visiting firms that had user interfaces that were beyond great but this was being used just as a tool to divert the attention from core provisions like security and privacy. I cannot disagree over how imperative it is that the website is user friendly but it has to be made sure that no compromises are made on other features. 

I have been using the mobile and web versions of the website. Although carrying out trading operations from both versions is possible, I find the web one a little better than the mobile one. The only reason is that if you open it on your phone you’ll see that the Legal section and About Us section are all mixed and messed up so it gets a little confusing. Otherwise, trading is as easy as it is on your laptop or computer.

Black At the Back

One of the major shortcomings that I have seen at this broker is the background being dark. It might not seem something substantial to many initially but when you have to perform complex operations like chart or graph reading and analyzing the trends then it gets hard. One has to put in a lot of effort to read out which is much easier with lighter backdrops. Apart from reading values, generally, the website starts looking dull, boring and monotonous after a given time. We all know how trading is a very dry profession and in order to maximize the attention span, it is important that the website designers make it more interactive by incorporating colours, graphics, etc. 

I know a whole lot of traders who find the black at the back very classy and chic but I am clearly not one of them. Since I am not entitled to invalidate their opinion, I would recommend the firm to let us pick between the themes. If this goes unheard then the new potential customers need to see if they can work with the existent dark background. I would like to mention that out of the entire website it is only the backdrop that has made me a little uncomfortable otherwise, it looks good. 

Time to sign off

By now you all must have an idea how much of a happy customer I am. TopMarketCap has never disappointed me and I like how their administration is committed to making the lives of traders easier. I could have never summed up my entire experience but I tried to add as much as I could and I am signing off with the hope that it was of help to young traders out there who are just starting out. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.