Ages ago when trade was not even in the present form, no one had thought it would take the present shapes and each of them would be this polluted. 30 years back, when I started trading it was not a very clean profession and we had a lot of imposters but it seems like it has become worse than ever now.  I see and hear stories of young traders suffering in the worst ways because of imposters and we all agree how damaging this can prove to be for the younger generations in the time to come. It is not only the government and the governmental organizations that are to be blamed. I believe that it was somehow the traders too who created the space for imposters to grow and reach a point where it is the traders who are afraid of them instead of being the other way round. 

When traders make decisions that are not well researched and well thought, they end up blundering. It is this attitude and approach which promotes the growth of more tricksters. If we look at all the aspects of any decisions that we make, regardless of the impact, and carefully analyze the possible outcomes then we can significantly cut down the chances of being betrayed or scammed. I firmly believe that it was our lack of interest as traders which led to the large prevalence of fake forex firms in the market. However, it is not late and we can still take effective measures to make the working conditions better for us and for the generations to come. I have always been told and found it to be true that the only way to defeat tricksters is to research. Spend as much time as you want, talk to your seniors and juniors, check for the market reputation, go through each and every available source of information and act accordingly. Always remember that all the effort you put in is worth it and if you make any compromises you are bound to regret it. 

It took me more than 6 months to research before I was sure that I could trust The Investment Center. All this time I studied all the material I could. After so many years of working with the platform. Now I know that most of the praise I heard about this form was true. The Investment Center has worked wonders for me because I saw my trading improve by folds. However, I want to set it clear that this broker has some flaws. Like all the others in the market. If someone tells you that this company is free of flaws and you will become a billionaire overnight then you need to immediately step away simply because you are being fooled. Promising Large returns on investments is a tool used largely by fake firms to attract young minds.

Once you reach a forex firm that is true to the customers, things can become considerably easier for you. I realized this after joining and working with The Investment Center. I got to experience working with trading instruments and tools that helped me develop a better understanding of the market. The minor shortcomings that I encountered on this broker never harmed but if they are worked out then it would make the platform even better. I will be reviewing the forum today as I highlight the major positive and negative aspects of the broker. I hope this review will benefit you but it should not be the sole source of information that you rely on for making the decision.  

Praise Worthy Aspects

  • Market Reputation

The first thing traders should always spend a lot of time on is knowing what the traders think about the broker. I have seen that market reputation says a lot about how the broker is in reality. A small scam or a suspicious story makes it to the market and stays there forever. I am not saying that all true and untrue stories that are in the market should be trusted, in fact, small allegations and charges help you research, investigate and evaluate. I have always relied upon what the traders say and found it extremely helpful. While I was researching for this one, I went to ask as many traders as I could and most of them told me good stuff about this broker. The overall market reputation was great. My investigation and research were based on the negative points that I got to know about the broker. After looking at The Investment Center for the legitimacy behind these allegations and finding that these were mostly based on fake stories, I was ready to join the broker. You are highly recommended to carry out thorough research and take all information that you get seriously, even if it seems something cooked because while you look for the facts you find a lot in the way that would’ve remained concealed. 

  • Tradable Assets

After you get information about the image of the company, the next thing that you want to see is if the broker will help you grow as you earn. Always remember that whatever profession you opt for, you are not there to earn solely, in fact, you need to develop and grow because this process is directly attached to how you will do in the longer term in terms of sustainability. I have seen many traders come and go because they never took risks and made space for diversification. I particularly liked the Investment Center because here you can explore as you make money. I remember a few years back my financial assistant urged me to go to look into crypto. I invested a few years back and the same year I made a profit of around 19%. The Investment Center lets you make use of more than 200 tradable assets so that you never fall short of opportunities to make money. Another friend of mine had always been a forex trader but after joining this forum he stepped into the stock’s world and purchased a stock of a telecommunication company. He says he made profits that were way beyond his estimate. If you join this forum, you will have a chance to keep adding to your portfolio and this will help you survive longer. 

  • Payment in Bitcoin

I particularly wanted to discuss the option of paying in Bitcoin not only because it is an added benefit but because this reflects how the firm is committed to keeping up with the ever-changing trends in the trading sector. I have seen many brokers grow to the hype and then experience a quick decline because they did not focus on making sure that their customers are provided with services that are contemporary and keep up with the international standards. I was very happy to see Bitcoin being introduced as a payment option along with others because it facilitates the customers more. Those of the traders who are still thinking if they want to formally step into the crypto world can stick to other methods like Bankwire, Maestro and Mastercard. 

Areas of Improvement

  • No annual or weekly feedback mechanism

One thing that I have always wanted to talk about is the importance of feedback. No one apart from the customers observed how the firm works closely and hence it is them who can point out the shortcomings well. Although the firm is always open to constructive criticism and they always get back to you, I know how most of us do not have time to write. The firm does not have a mechanism where traders are bound to send feedback by telling how their experience has been, pointing out the qualities and flaws. Probably this is one of the reasons why the remaining shortcomings have not been addressed so far. They should work on introducing a mechanism that lets the company lean where they stand on a monthly if not weekly process. 

  • Few eBooks

One of the few shortcomings that I have experienced is that the number of ebooks is very small. Although only around 10 books can be found on the website, each one of these comprises topics that are very contemporary and need to be discussed more these days. Apart from that, I like how the uploaded books are for all sorts of traders in terms of their experience and knowledge. I hope that they add up more books if they don’t then you will have to rely on external sources of information. 

Concluding Remarks

The Investment Center is not like other scam brokers that are on one mission to loot and plunder. I have found the services highly competent. It is their competitive nature that keeps them ahead of all in the market despite some minor flaws that can be easily overcome. If you are in search of a broker that will be with you through the hardships then you can consider this one. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.