Why Choose Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring for your Proposal?
Why Choose Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring for your Proposal?

Choosing the perfect engagement ring for your proposal is indeed hard, especially if you want to impress your partner with the most unique engagement ring you can get. Let us make your burden lighter by recommending you Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring. We know how it feels to be confused with all the designs available and it’s pretty hard to tell what your partner likes. Here are tips on why you have to purchase a princess cut solitaire engagement ring in Dallas with 4 prong settings for your partner. 

Characteristic of a Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring

Popularity Cut 

Due to demand Princess cut is coming back to life since this cut already existed way back in 1960. It was popular before because of its inverted pyramid shape. Is the 2nd most popular cut among engagement rings and round cut being the number one from the list. 

More Affordable 

 Princess-Cut is more affordable compared with the round cut because it yields 30% of less carat weight. Another thing about princess cuts is they are made from rough diamonds that’s why they are high quality and very well-formed despite being affordable. Even if it is not always available the price does not increase that often, this is another advantage of getting princess cut solitaire as your engagement ring.  

Clarity Grades 

Princess-Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring has bigger tables therefore inclusions may be visible, but can also go unnoticed to the naked eye. IT is only visible if you look at the diamond straight down through the diamond. SI2s or I1 are considered eye-clean diamonds, so they can be ideal for princess cuts. 


Each diamond cut should have a recommended color to beagle to match the design as well as enhance its beauty. For Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring color scale H to I is ideal and if you plan to have accent diamonds it should match the color of the settings. Matching it with the right setting can make your ring’s brilliance greater as well as make it more catchy. 


The ideal depth for Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring would be 65% to 75%, the lower the better. Since the cut is an inverted pyramid the depth of the lower part should be measured.  With its cat, it can give more brilliance. Women love their ring when it sparkles more. 


The best setting for princess cut would be the solitaire. This allows the maximum light to enter on the center stage. Four prongs are also required to protect its 4 corners and be more sturdy when set on the metal.

Mixed Design 

Princess-Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring is a combination of traditional and modern design. It is traditional in a way that it was existing decades ago but still being loved by people until now. Modern in a way that you can customize the setting and accessorize with other stones on the band to make it more fashionable and trendy.  

Princess-Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring if your girl wants something antique but still trendy. Girls are sometimes hard to impress, that’s why we have some tips for you when it comes to choosing your Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring for her. 

Tips To Consider When Choosing Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring According to Your Partners Preference

  1. Know your partner’s favorite styles. Does she like it simple or accessorize with stones. In that way, you will know if you have to focus on a simple one or one that has extra designs on it?
  2. Ask advice from jewelers what matches the skin color of your partner when it comes to choosing the right setting for the ring. 
  3. Discover if your partner prefers big or small stones. Most girls love having large stones but some prefer smaller ones. To find out what your partner wants. 

Princess-Cut Solitaire Engagement Rings are loved by most girls since they show the protruding diamond and it sparkles more compared with other cuts. Apply the tips given and of course don’t hesitate to talk to your jeweler to get more idea on what suits your partner best. Incorporate it with the things you know about your partner and you will never go wrong in getting the perfect Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring your partner wants.