What Type Of Companies Do Well In Cyprus?

One of the most popular islands in the Mediterranean for people to set up a company on, or move their company to, is Cyprus. Cyprus is located in a sunny pocket between Turkey, Syria and Lebanon and is one of the most popular tourist destinations for Europeans.

As a company owner, you may have been looking for somewhere that will offer you good business opportunities as well as excellent weather. Cyprus has many opportunities for new and existing companies including tax breaks and gets many months of uninterrupted sun each year.

So it is indeed the perfect place to set up a business, but what sort of businesses actually do well there? Here are some examples:

Tourist Based

Thanks to the massive influx of tourists who come to Cyprus every year, setting up a business based around what they want and need is like money in the bank. New hotels for example will always get filled during the long summer months as tour operators are always looking to give people new options in terms of accommodation. To help feed all these guests, catering is another business which will do well. There are never enough good restaurants and bars in Cyprus, especially in the capital, Nicosia and due to the range of nationalities living on Cyprus, all types of cuisine are sought after.

Hire companies generally do well too. Tourists will hire many things from cars and bikes to powerboats and jet skis. An established hire company could easily take its fleet to the island and they would get hired out regularly.


Thanks to the location of Cyprus, shipping companies tend to do well on Cyprus too. There are already many shipping companies in place but thanks to the unique position of Cyprus, at a crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa, it will always be a hub for shipping and welcome new companies to its shores. As mention before, there are even tax breaks for Cyprus company incorporation available and there are many Cyprus offshore companies set up just for this reason.


Another type of company that will do well in Cyprus is one which does its business by providing multinational communications. Cyprus is a hub for lots businesses speaking lots of different languages so any company that can provide useful links that help people do business more easily. Translation services, communications technology firms and I.T. firms will always have work on Cyprus.

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