Even by Elon Musk’s exaggerated definition of strange, the earlier 24 several hours or so have been extra than a little bit peculiar.

On Tuesday by itself, Musk stoked trader fears at an economic discussion board the two dissed cryptocurrency and pumped it up swung the ax at his flagship corporation though the board and shareholders of the organization he’s chasing voted on no matter whether they preferred the deal to carry on and is possessing to offer with at minimum two court docket filings. 

It is, by any common measure, a entirely bonkers sequence of gatherings. Even for Musk, who has pretty much manufactured a personalized manufacturer out of controversy. 

Here’s a speedy recap of today’s revelations about the SpaceX CEO.

He stirred up Twitter drama, just as the company’s board normally takes a vote

Right right before the Twitter board of directors unanimously suggested to shareholders that they approve Musk’s $44 billion obtain of the company, Musk laid out a series of problems that would require to be get over 1st.

Talking at the Qatar Financial Forum in Doha, Musk stated three “unresolved matters” that would require to be settled just before he would purchase the business.

There was also the well-recognized difficulty of spambots. While the social media site has opened its facts firehose for Musk, he mentioned, “we’re still awaiting a resolution on that subject.” And Musk pointed out that debt financing will require to be tackled so he can spend for the deal. In between his $33.5 billion pledge and a different $7.1 billion from other resources, he’s close to the agreed on value, but financial institution financial loans will have to make up the variation. And it’s not certain how that will be settled.

At last, shareholder approval is, of training course, vital. And when the board has provided its blessings to the offer, it is significantly less crystal clear that the shareholders are as bullish about it. Some have already submitted accommodate about how the Twitter acquisition has proceeded so significantly.

He championed Dogecoin (yet again) whilst downplaying crypto investments

At that exact forum, Musk at the time all over again voiced guidance for Dogecoin, noting that SpaceX would shortly acknowledge it for items gross sales. (The cryptocurrency was up nearly 12% Tuesday afternoon as a result.) “I just know a large amount of individuals who are not that rich who, you know, have inspired me to acquire and help Dogecoin,” Musk reported. “I’m responding to individuals people.”

A bit later, although, he seemingly hedged on the bigger matter of crypto investing, declaring, “I have hardly ever said that people need to devote in crypto. In the situation of Tesla, SpaceX, myself, we all did buy some Bitcoin, but it’s a smaller proportion of our full money assets.”

He responded to a lawsuit in excess of how lots of folks Tesla is laying off

Previous staff members submitted a lawsuit from Tesla, expressing the business experienced violated labor legal guidelines encompassing “mass layoffs” immediately after studies of an inside memo surfaced, expressing the organization needs to reduce 10% of its salaried personnel. Musk is seeking to transform the narrative on that, declaring that when the company will decrease its salaried workforce by 10% in excess of the future a few months, it will increase its hourly choosing. In the stop, he promises, just 3.5% of the workforce will be affected, stating the overall was “not super content.”

He was mainly disowned by his transgender daughter

Over and above that company drama, a courtroom filing from April arrived to mild Tuesday from Musk’s transgender daughter, which reported, “I no for a longer period live with or desire to be connected to my organic father in any way, condition or form.”

Xavier Alexander Musk not long ago turned 18 and has questioned the court docket to change her gender recognition from male to feminine and to sign up her new identify, together with surname. There have been no further information about what transpired concerning the two.

Musk, however, did put up a pair of Tweets in March that the LGBTQ group labeled as offensive. 



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