Once you have your accounting degree in hand, it’s time to look for work. One advantage to having an accounting background is that your talents are in demand at a variety of companies, not necessarily banks and financial institutions. Most large corporations have their own accounting departments, and you also have the option of striking out on your own and taking on individual clients and handling their finances. Your experience in money and numbers, too, doesn’t limit your job options to just accounting. While such jobs are available regardless of the state of the economy, there are positions you can consider.

As you peruse accounting jobs online or in the local want ads, keep an eye out for the following positions. You just may qualify for one or more, depending on the company’s needs.

1) Controller. Similar to a comptroller, the controller of a corporation or business is responsible for checking the finances and expenditures of that business. The controller will handle the budget of the business and make sure all the books are balanced.

2) Auditor. In tax terms, when somebody is audited they have their finances over the last few years examined to make sure their tax payments have been corrected. An auditor is responsible for making sure there are no errors in a company’s tax paperwork or other financial data.

3) Financial Planning Analyst. As the title implies, you would be responsible for analyzing data and budgeting your company so that finances remain on an even keel.

4) Tax Manager. As a tax manager, you may advise clients with regards to tax strategies and wealth/portfolio building. Naturally, you may also assist clients with preparing and filing annual returns.

5) Business Development Manager. With a background in accounting, you can take on the responsibilities of managing a business’ finances and expenditures.

Once you have decided the direction of your career path, it’s important to make sure you have everything you need for a successful interview. Have a solid resume and references, and be prepared to talk about actual work experience – everything from small jobs to internships – related to your accounting background. If you feel you are short on accounting-related experience beyond your college studies, you may wish to emphasize examples in previous jobs where you had shown a strong capability for managing money.

Always remember to look and act professional during your job interview, regardless of the position. Everybody has to start somewhere, and while this job you seek may not be the one you have for your entire career, know that each job is a stepping stone through your work journey.

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