Autosalon Brussel 2020 live: Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept (Paleis 7 ...The Tonale is placed to cement such improvements further, having its mixture of aluminium, vegan leather and Alcantara, a synethetic suede. The inner has been designed for and round the occupants, so when we get the opportunity to try the Tonale, we’ll be expecting plenty of space and comfort. Featuring the Uconnect 5, the most recent version of Alfa’s infotainment suite, built on the Android os, the Alfa Romeo Tonale features some cool connected features, rendering it more appealing to a younger audience base. Previously, Alfa Romeo hasn’t delivered the kind of interior quality that could be synonymous with reduced brand, that has been until updates on the Stelvio corrected this.

Though there’s no manual transmission available, a three-spoke sports steering wheel and flappy paddles can be found as an choice for keen drivers. While engine stop-start technology helps maintain the Tonale’s 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine ULEZ compliant, the option with the greenest smarts needs to be Alfa Romeo’s first electric-petrol hybrid. The Alfa Romeo Tonale offers two powertrain choices; the Q4 AWD and (more excitingly) the PHEV Q4 AWD, which reaps all the advantages of regenerative braking technology. It combines a 15.5kWh battery with a 1.3-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine, delivering over 30 miles of pure-electric range. Built using the Stellantis ‘global medium family’architecture, the Q4 AWD features a nine-speed gearbox, turbocharger and direct fuel injection – all talking to the racing heritage of the brand.

But Alfa Romeo hasn’t gone the complete hog just yet. Just like the Stelvio, Alfa’s debut SUV, the racing-inspired sportiness is apparent from the get-go. The iconic Italian carmaker has embarked on a plan called La Metamorfosi, that will be its means of visiting terms with the potentially upsetting reality that’s a move away from fossil fuels and towards something arguably less harmful. Aimed squarely at city dwellers, the Tonale is going to be competing with fossil-fuelled Ford Kuga, all-electric Hyundai Ioniq 5 and plug-in hybrid BMW X1 when it comes to market. We particularly like what Alfa calls its ‘teledial’wheels, obtainable in 17-,18-,19- and 20-inch sizes. The Tonale 2023 is an elegant car inside and Tonale 2023 out, with advanced specs on safety and connectivity. The Alfa Romeo Tonale is the very first model from the Italian brand to integrate electrification. Being in the Stellantis family, the Tonale has most of the foundations needed to generate an award-winning electric car.

Similar to plug-in hybrids, the Tonale PHEV’s power supply is small enough that it doesn’t need Level 3 fast-charging; a Level 2 charger will charge the battery from empty to full in about two hours and 30 minutes. It’ll sprint from 0 to 60 mph within an Alfa-estimated 6.0 seconds, and it will manage to traveling more than 30 miles on electricity alone when fully charged. Alfa says the new Tonale PHEV will be the sportiest Tonale in the lineup and probably the most efficient.

The production version was originally scheduled for release in 2021, it had been delayed until 2022 because of Alfa Romeo management demanding better range and performance from its drivetrain and the global semiconductor shortage. The Tonale is named after the Tonale mountain pass in Northern Italy. Alfa Romeo Tonale was introduced in February 2022 and became the smallest SUV marketed by the brand, and the first new model introduced by the brand in six years. The Alfa Romeo Tonale is a subcompact luxury crossover SUV created by Italian car manufacturer Alfa Romeo, a brand of Stellantis.

Featuring the Uconnect 5, the newest version of Alfa’s infotainment suite, built on the Android operating-system, the Alfa Romeo Tonale features some cool connected features, rendering it more appealing to a younger audience base. The inside has been made for and round the occupants, so the opportunity to try the Tonale, be expecting a lot of space and comfort. Inside, Tonale 2023 the inner quality that would be synonymous with reasonably limited brand, that was until updates on the Stelvio corrected this. Alfa claims this can be a nod to its sporting heritage, though we can’t help feeling the simpler digital speed and rev display would better suit the youth of its target customer. The Tonale is defined to cement such improvements further, with its mix of aluminum, vegan leather, and Alcantara, a synthetic suede. It has a 10.25-inch central display and Tonale 2023 a 12.3-inch cluster display.

Each change alters the driving dynamics, to provide Alfa’s accept performance, comfort and eco modes. Both powertrain choices are quick enough off the mark, delivering 272hp and plenty of torque. Aided by the Tonale’s benchmark-setting driving dynamics, this Alfa boasts the most effective weight distribution and probably the most direct steering in its segment. The Tonale has three drive modes, controlled by a switch in the cabin. What’s more, the 120hp motor of the PHEV sits on the rear axle. This equates to shifting the heft of the two-tonne Tonale very nimbly indeed.

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