Proleva is an anti-aging supplement that has been formulated to fight the aging process. It’s aim is to do this by providing your body with enough antioxidants to reduce the damaging effects that free radicals have on your body’s cells. To date there has been an Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity (ORAC) test, which concluded that a person would have to eat 3/4 kg of high antioxidant fruit in order to gain the same free radical neutralizing effect of Proleva. The ORAC (short for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, is a test tube analysis that measures the total antioxidant power of foods and other chemical substances), test is fast becoming the scientific benchmark for measuring the antioxidant qualities of a food source, and according to agricultural research carried out by the United States Department of Agriculture, high ORAC foods reduce the aging process.

These findings suggest that eating plenty of high-ORAC fruits and vegetables may help slow the processes associated with aging in both the body and the brain. According to United States Department of Agriculture Administrator Floyd P. Horn, “If these findings are borne out in further research, young and middle-aged people may be able to reduce risk of diseases of aging, including senility simply by adding high-ORAC foods to their diets”. According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Active Research Services’ Studies, eating plenty of high-ORAC foods raised the antioxidant power of human blood 10 to 25 percent. They prevented some loss of long-term memory and learning ability in middle-aged rats. They maintained the ability of brain cells in middle-aged rats to respond to a chemical stimulus, a function that normally decreases with age. Finally high ORAC foods also protected the rats’ tiny blood vessel capillaries against oxygen damage.

So why not eat a bunch of antioxidant rich foods? Well yes go ahead if you can pick the right foods and enough quantities of them. A supplement like Proleva comes in handy as it is easy to take, and 2 capsules provides the same antioxidant proportions as eating 750g of high ORAC foods. Let’s look at its ingredients and what it’s properties are beneficial for.

The Ingredients

Grape (slows cellular ageing), Grape Seed (promotes a healthy heart), Origanum (protects the immune system), Green Tea (increases mental alertness), Strawberries (antioxidant), Blackberry (neutralizes harmful free radicals), Acerola (provides micro-nutrients and vitamins), Cranberries (enhances cellular health), Pomegranate (supports circulatory system), and blueberry (enhances cellular communication).

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