The projected outlook for the need for accountants at all levels expected to continue to increase over the next few years, in fact faster than average. If attending a campus based college or university is not an option for you, you can still obtain an accounting degree through an online college degree education program from any of many colleges and universities around the country.

There are many types of jobs for persons with an accounting degree, bookkeeper, auditor, tax preparer, or certified public accountant (CPA). You can review business transactions, work in the development of information systems, develop management policy, do budget analysis, financial statements or tax work. You can work for the government or private corporation or establish your own business.

The mean salary for a person with an accounting degree is $50,000. The average salary for a bookkeeper is $32,000, for an entry-level accountant is $36,000, and for a financial reporting accountant $41,000. A CPA can earn even more.

If you are unable to attend a local college or university, you can still get an accounting degree thorough one of the many excellent online college degree education programs offered by many excellent, accredited colleges and universities around the country. An online college degree site can help you complete your search for the school that is right for you. You simple identify the area of interest that you have and let the site do the searching for you. It will quickly, and without charge, provide you with many possible programs that you are eligible for.

You will be able to download applications, talk to an advisor, read about the classes and the curriculum, and search for scholarship and loan information. No more searching through reams of catalogs, comparing prices and classes.

Let an online college degree site do the searching for you.

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