The evolution of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides continues to evolve and become easier to use. We have covered a few features that demonstrate this in previous blogs. The next big step has arrived with Guides new ability to turn traditional manuals and instruction sets to Guides using Microsoft’s AI Builder and Power Automate.

In a seamless process companies can now scan documents via an AI Builder and utilize Power Automate to turn a piece of paper to a self-paced training course. The beauty behind all this magic Microsoft created is this is all possible with no coding skills are required. This reinforces everything about Guides ease of use and that anyone can create Guides without advance skills necessary. A manager on the frontline can create a training course all by themselves in a quick and efficient matter.

Companies can transform old and outdated training processes to a new and modern operation. Instead of boring manuals and checklists where trainees easily lose focus. Companies can implement a new strategy to keep students engaged as they learn about what they need to succeed on the frontline. Imagine on your first day you are assigned an owner’s manual to learn about the details about a new model and common issues that may arise. Now what if you must learn about the different models the companies offer. All this knowledge retention seems daunting and harder to achieve. You will retain some of the information but the far greater method for retention is to get hands on and learn by doing.

The benefits of this model will trickle throughout the organization. Companies will improve efficiency saving valuable time and resources with self-paced training and shorten time competency. Mangers and instructors ensure trainees get it right the first time. They now focus their time to explain processes and answer questions as opposed to creating Guides/training content. Trainees benefit because they are not asked to spend the entire training process reading manuals. They get hands on and learn by doing in a fun and immersive environment, knowing are set up to succeed.

To learn more about how to use Microsoft’s AI Builder and Power Automate with Guides check out Microsoft’s official blog post on this or contact us to help you get started!


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