These days it’s rare for me to be alone without truly wireless earphones on. Working from home, or out on a walk or jogging on the treadmill at home, I am in my space with noise cancelling on, often with no music so that I can think and focus better. Most of these are active modes for me, and earphones that stay in place are important. The new Jabra Elite 7 Active solves just this problem.

The Jabra Elite 7 Active does not have a very different design, but the unique ShakeGrip technology it ushers in keeps the earphones in place whatever you do. And this is not really about the shape or even the fit inside the ear, it is the new liquid silicone rubber compound that the Elite 7 Active uses that does the trick.

Even as you take out the earphones for the first time you do notice this has a rubber finish that feels anything but plastic to the touch. I just loved the overall feel of these earphones—the texture of the material, the design, the fit. Even in the heatwave that Delhi is experiencing and the resultant overflow of sweat, the Jabra Elite 7 Active stays in place while I’m on the treadmill or just walking around briskly during boringly slow Zoom calls.

And as you scan Apple Music for new stuff, the audio profile of the Elite 7 Active impresses you. When Aabha Hanjura’s vocals wrap her unplugged folk music sessions, I got the feeling this had a very balanced tuning. But like with any Jabra earphone you can go to the app and tweak the equaliser just the way you want. Ubi Caritas et Amor by Maurice Durufle is at the other end of my musical tastes. But this Choral music composition shows the richness of the audio that Jabra can produce, and that too, layered and full.

The noise cancelling is top notch as you would expect from Jabra with a Hear Through mode that will let you be fully aware of your surroundings. If that is not enough, there is always the preset focus music files inside the app to let you concentrate even better. The preset equaliser modes are perfect for those who don’t want to take that burden on themselves.

The call quality is good and you can use just one earbud at a time with the mono mode which was my quick way of taking phone calls in the office, because you know some calls don’t deserve both the ears.

The best aspect of the Jabra Elite 7 Active has to be the price. All the coolness of these earphones can be yours for just Rs 9,999, which is a very competitive price for this quality of noise cancellation and music playback, not to mention the convenience of the design. Even if you are not active, this is one of the best earphones you can invest in.


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