Financial Centre Review 2021- The Way Forward (
Financial Centre Review 2021- The Way Forward (

If there’s someone who has been there for me all this time when I struggled, it is the Financial Centre. I can barely recall any times when I felt betrayed by the forum and it is this quality service that makes me stick to the broker for this long. Many people come up to me asking about the broker I am comfortable working with and I say it is Financial Centre but I am not sure if mine will work equally good for you. If you have been trading for quite some time then you might have an idea why I keep saying so. Trading is a profession that isn’t as easy as it sounds and so are the trading platforms. The Financial Centre has been my greatest support all these years but there might be many traders who would want more from their firms. This is why you can benefit from what I tell you or from my experience but you need to closely observe the forum to be sure that it will work for you the way you want it. 

I got to know about this forum from a fellow trader who is quite well known. He says forex business is like a wild forest but a good forex platform helps you quickly run through it and reach your destination. After so many years of trading, I understand what he meant. Forex has been very damaging to me as a trader. The first few years in the forest were no less than a nightmare but gradually time taught me how to survive and one of the greatest tools which helped me through was my forex firm. Although it helps you a lot as a trader and lets you work on your trading skills, it isn’t the perfect platform. In fact, you will never find any forum which is perfect no matter what they claim. Not that the firms do not have the potential or something, it’s just that it is hard to keep up with the extremely diverse needs of traders who come from places all around the world. I have seen all these years that the Financial Centre puts in a lot of effort to make the platform great for all but I feel like they are still on their way to achieve the goals. Despite some flaws, I have always found this forum worth a shot because I have closely seen and experienced how it can change the entire trading scenario for you in no time. I have always believed that it is their honesty and dedication towards the work and customer which makes them so popular despite some shortcomings. 

I have decided to write this review because I want to explain what makes me think in a given way. I will try to justify all that I have said above and make sure that you all start seeing the forex forum the right way. A good forum doesn’t only help you earn a lot, in fact, it helps you earn the right way too. I hope my review will help you all who have been struggling with fake firms that seem to spare no one these days. Also, make sure that this review is not the only thing that you consider while researching. It is great to go through different and diverse sources of information before making a huge decision like picking the right forex firm. So let’s start with the review and quickly see what Financial Centre lacks and where it takes the lead. I will be dividing the worth discussing aspects into rating based categories to make things clear for you. 

  • 5/5


I have seen people talk about security, privacy, authenticity, verification, etc. All this time at the Financial Centre has taught me that at the end of the day it all comes down to how much you trust your firm. This is one quality that covers all that a trader looks for since day 1. If a firm is trustworthy it will make sure you are protected and safe. I think this is one forum that I have trusted the most. I was scammed by many fake firms and after so many betrayals it was very hard for me to put all my trust in a new firm. This was why I started with the most basic account first. In fact, I would recommend you all to always start with a small account because it lets you observe all the elements and aspects that you can’t get to know through any external sources. 

Well, I have found this forum incredible with security, privacy, transparency, all the things which usually are shady at the fake firms. I have observed the security measures so many times and not for once did I feel disappointed. I like how they never share our information with anyone, even with the third parties, which are there to help us, if you do not agree. Fake firms will not let you know and keep sharing your personal information with imposters. Also, they have employed very high technology systems and software to make sure hackers stay away. I have never heard or experienced anything suspicious at the forum which could have set me alarmed. I can’t give it anything under 5/5.

Commissions and fee

All brokers are working in the market to earn and there is nothing wrong with it. Everyone has a right to make money but what makes things go messy is that brokers start overcharging. Traders are made to pay for all that they have never used. Sadly, it does not stop here. Some of the firms charge extra in the name of a commission fee. While traders are still struggling to pay these, they quickly steal money as hidden charges and traders are left helpless. I have been super lucky to land on a forum that is very transparent when it comes to fees. You will be informed about all the expenditures beforehand and this is one sign of a great forum. 

  • 4/5

Customer Support

The next thing that I would like to talk about is customer support service. Many traders tend to ignore this part because they think it is something secondary. But in reality, this is something that you need the most when trading on a regular basis. I have been turning to the very well trained representatives who know how to set all the problems right, every now and then and I can’t thank them enough for never disappointing me. I remember once I had a problem working on my new devices and they quickly helped me figure my way out. I have always believed that a good company focuses a lot on how their customer support department is because they have a huge role in determining if the customers will remain loyal to the firm or not. The only reason why I have given it a 4 is that the representatives are not available 24/7. I feel like this is something the firm needs to work on because traders trade on Sundays too and problems can arise anytime. Otherwise, this department is working great. 

  • 3/5

Not available everywhere

Okay, so the next thing we will be talking about is the non-availability of the forum at some places. There are two aspects to this point. The first one is a very obvious one which is that people living in those areas where it isn’t available are deprived of the professional services offered here. Although I have been told that this is done keeping in view some security reasons, I think the suspension is no solution. The company needs to come up with something better than suspending the servicing overall. Apart from this, the other thing which has been bothering me directly is the issue that when you are travelling you cannot perform trading operations if you are visiting any of those places. This sort of brings your trading to a halt and you miss all the deals that could have been highly profitable. I don’t know the exact reasons behind this measure and I am sure there must be something substantial but if something can be done about it it should be done. For you, I would like to say that you should look through the list in the disclaimer below and see if you live in any of those places. Also, you will have to carefully plan your trips now.

Concluding Remarks 

Finding a good forex firm is not an easy procedure these days. One has to work really hard and analyze thoroughly all the important aspects to make sure that the firm is not a scam. Apart from this, traders like to opt for the ones which can go on with them for longer periods and that is not very simple. If you are someone who is looking for everything at a place then you can definitely look into this one. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.