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The majority of people dwell on the holiday season, birthdays, graduations – you get the picture – when it comes to giving gifts. It is mostly expected to give clients gifts for major events or holidays, but what if we told you that there are plenty of advantages of giving that you will want to give all the time?

There are a lot of reasons to give gifts, as it builds stronger connections, lifts your spirits, and improves your overall mental and physical health. So, what is stopping you from waiting until a special occasion to give a thoughtful gift to someone you care about? At times, the most meaningful gifts are the ones that are given just because.

When investing in gifts for others, you are not just benefiting them with an awesome gift but benefiting yourself. Check out some of the best benefits of giving so that you can take advantage of all the wonderful reasons to give regardless of what time of the year it is.

Spreads the love

When one person gives, it inspires another to do the same. Even though giving your best friend gifts like a new t-shirt or hat is super cool, try giving to a stranger, a neighbor, or someone you haven’t talked to in a long time so you can spark inspiration that can cause them to want to do the same for others. Some custom gift bags ideas include:

  1. Surprising a person with freshly baked goods
  2. Doing the “tip the bill” challenge next time you eat out
  3. Sending flowers or treats to healthcare workers
  4. Bringing in a tray of goodies for your coworkers to enjoy
  5. Paying a toll for the person behind you
  6. Donating clothes to a local shelter
  7. Leaving unused coupons next to matching products in the store
  8. Buying coffee for the person behind you in line

When you do an act of kindness, leave one of these cards to help spread the love and encourage others to give down the line – just because.

Could extend your life

Yeah, you read that right, giving could actually make you live longer. That is the reason that stress levels and high blood pressure are associated with a variety of health problems. Since giving has been linked to lower stress levels and blood pressure, people who give, whether it be gifts or acts of service, are expected to live longer.

A study carried out found that the ones who gave to loved ones like spouses, friends, or neighbors were independently linked to a lower chance of dying. If that is not a good enough reason to give, we do not know what is.

Do not get us wrong, a lavish gift can be wonderful, but it all depends on the occasion. If you are gifting just because, a simple yet thoughtful gift is the way to go. You do not want to overwhelm someone with an overly-generous gift, right? At times, the most appreciated small gift boxes are the simple and least expected ones. Check out The Housewarming Project for the best gift boxes online!

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