Consulting Logo Design & Branding Your Consulting Business

Every consulting company needs an attractive and eye catching logo design as a branding element. Your consulting identity need not be an exquisite piece of art – it can be a simple design that works well and gets your point across.

Why You Need a Custom Consulting Logo Design

To understand what constitutes an appropriate identity for your consulting business, we must first look at the purpose that is achieved by having a logo. A logo for your consulting business is an essential branding element because it can be instrumental in building the identity that you seek among potential clients and customers. Your logo should exude your company attitude, character, values, and skills. Those looking at your new identity must gain some knowledge about your company just from its design. But an effective design does much more. Your logo can help to foster a long lasting and positive impression about your company. When existing and potential clients see your new identity, the goal is that your company is immediately recognized. Logos can be that powerful!

When working with a designer, think of the most recognizable logos in the world, like McDonald’s Restaurants and Nike. When we see these, we instantly think of the product(s) that they represent and the company that makes these products. This is proof positive that your consulting logo, with the right design and delivery, can do the same for you, even if it is on a much smaller scale and you are a small firm just starting out!

Making a Strong Impression

How you can you be ensured that your consulting logo will pack the “punch” that is found with these infamous brands? The key to making a lasting impression and strong brand identification is to make certain that your design is memorable. Many companies make the mistake of assuming that a complicated and expensive design will ensure instant acceptance by the target market for their businesses. They could not be more wrong. Complicated logos have the opposite effect – becoming just cluttered images that the brain does not easily and readily recall.

Thinking Ahead When Designing Your Consulting Logo

You should also consider the possible places and items that will display your logo when you design it. You will likely use more than one medium to get your identity out there, and your design will be used to brand your efforts in the future. Be sure your designer knows of your plans for future growth. For example, perhaps you will be using your logo immediately for business cards and letterhead, but plan to add it to your company website or maybe in a direct mail piece. Make sure that the consulting logo design that you establish for your business can be easily used in any or all places that you might choose to use it now and in the future.

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