Branding by Association – 5 Steps For Building Your Brand by Associating With Other Leading Brands

Branding is simply making a name for yourself.  And, as such, branding is at the core of every successful entrepreneur who stands out in the marketplace. 

However, many entrepreneurial CEOs do not know what to do to build a stand-out brand.   While there are many different strategies that can be called into play, perhaps the least discussed  and easiest to implement strategy is branding by association. 

Now, you may be wondering, “What is branding by association?”

Branding by association is the process of strategically positioning yourself through relationships with well-known and highly successful experts or brands.  And, the really good news is that you do not have to personally know the expert to enact this strategy.

Following are five steps you can take immediately to begin implementing you own branding by association strategy:

  • Research and identify five to seven brands or experts who are in contact with your ideal prospects and clients. And, from whom your clients are already purchasing products.
  • Select three to five of those brands or experts with whom you would like to be associated.  The key here is to select experts who have a reputation that could positively impact your brand.
  • Identify three places in which you can provide helpful information to their prospects and clients.  Think blogging comments, forum interaction and social media posts.
  • Identify three ways to promote these brands and experts to your prospects, clients and community.  This could include links to their blogs, re-tweeting their comments, and reviewing and promoting their products on an affiliate basis.
  • Establish a system to make these interactions part of your daily business activities.  They do not have to take a great deal of time.  On the contrary, this strategy can be implemented in fewer than 30 minutes per day.

Branding by association is one of the strategies that can provide a halo effect for your business by connecting and building relationships with other successful entrepreneurs. 

This article is one of a series of articles on branding by association.  Watch for future articles that will provide in-depth information and detail on branding by association strategies and tactics.

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