There are many people in the real estate field in the world who are still wondering what SharePoint is, and how Microsoft’s CRM can boost the productivity of the real estate business. Implementing a real estate CRM is decisive to achieve good levels of productivity, and SharePoint as a CRM offers great potential for the real estate solutions in an business dealing with real estate.

Although SharePoint offers a wide variety of functionalities for the real estate business, the main feature of being used as a CRM is that it allows you to store, organize and share information within the real estate field in a simple way.

At the same time, SharePoint can be used by the real estate company both internally and externally, and any member of the organization can access the information from any device (desktop or laptop computers, tablets, smartphones, etc).

The strictly internal use of SharePoint at a real estate level means that the CRM will be used through an intranet (SharePoint Server), while at an external level it means that it can be managed through the Internet (SharePoint Online).

In any case, whether SharePoint is used in its Server or Online mode, as a CRM it offers great real estate solutions to the agents because it will allow them to increase their productivity and increase their level of competitiveness.

Achieving good levels of productivity in real estate business

Today for any real estate business it is decisive to achieve good levels of productivity and competitiveness; of course, at the same time managing to reduce its operating costs.

SharePoint in this sense stimulates positive synergies within the organization, facilitating the work of the real estate team through its management system.

For the real estate business, being able to improve and stimulate collaboration between its members is a determining factor, because if the real estate team works effectively, good levels of productivity will be achieved.

If the real estate team is effective, it achieves good levels of productivity, and if the real estate business achieves good levels of productivity, it will be in a position to be a competitive company. It is not a play on words, much less, on the contrary, it is the link that is generated between effectiveness, productivity and competitiveness.

Effectiveness of SharePoint by using it as a real estate CRM.

SharePoint is a data management tool, which allows the real estate agent to streamline its processes and be more effective both individually and collectively.

Although each real estate business will use SharePoint according to its specific needs, in general, there are a number of advantages and a series of positive elements that the Microsft SharePoint platform, as a tool, brings to your company or organization.

  • The effectiveness as a management system is given through its main characteristic, the possibility of centralizing the real estate information and managing it from a single place.
  • Control information flows precisely and supervises real estate processes, both internally and externally. Facilitating the task of supervising who and when they access the information.
  • Keep different databases updated, such as legal documentation related to real estate operations or data about the company’s clients.
  • Generate positive synergies within the real estate company, allowing the members of the real estate team and other people linked to the company to interact smoothly.
  • Availability without an established time frame of the real estate resources; because if the tool is used online, the members of the real estate agent will be able to access them without time restrictions and from any type of device.
  • Implement work collaboration systems in defined projects, allowing members of the real estate team to generate ideas that will be quickly made available to the other members of the team.
  • Assign individual tasks within the real estate business, which can easily be managed and supervised by the appropriate person, even by the person responsible for the said task (application of the self-management principle).
  • Create organizational calendars; to establish or convene meetings, invite members of the real estate team to specific events, and also make it possible to generate automatic reminders.
  • Establish access filters for each type of information or section created by the real estate business, establishing said access filters according to organizational needs and acquired skills.
  • Avoid the loss of information through backup copies, which can be programmed to be generated automatically without the need for the intervention of any member of the real estate company.
  • Centralize the after-sales service of the real estate business in one place, so that any member of the company can eventually serve customers accurately and effectively.
  • Implement a support system for real estate business customer service, establishing management systems based on standard policies that unify criteria and do not give rise to confusion.
  • As another way of internal and external organizational communication; said the route is active twenty-four hours a day at the disposal of the clients and collaborators of the real estate business.
  • Unifying the meeting point of the ideas of the members of the real estate team, a way to manage ideas in an effective and organized way to achieve higher levels of productivity.
  • Strategic planning in the medium and long term, with the possibility of analyzing results based on concrete evidence, leaving aside individual assumptions or beliefs that only undermine organizational effectiveness.


The real estate business has a lot of data to manage and every file and document is important, SharePoint real estate solutions on a digital platform are helping and easing the process of data management with effectiveness.

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