Marketing is an integral part of creating a successful cryptocurrency project due to the intense competition within the market. Crypto marketing agencies are companies that can handle this element of the project, helping drive visibility and improve results – making them a great tool to use in today’s operating environment.

This article will discuss the best crypto marketing agencies available today, exploring how they work and what they do to ensure you have a clear understanding of how these companies can benefit your project.

The 6 Best Crypto Marketing Agencies in 2022

When launching your own project and trying to make money with crypto, the PR side of things should be a crucial part of your overall strategy. With that in mind, listed below are six of the best crypto marketing agencies to consider helping you with this – all of which will be reviewed in the following section.

  1. CryptoPROverall Best Crypto Marketing Agency
  2. Coinbound – Popular Crypto Marketing Agency with a Wide Range of Services
  3. NeoReach – Crypto Marketing Agency for Influencer Marketing
  4. Blockchain PR – Silicon Valley-based Blockchain PR Agency
  5. Lunar Strategy – Top-Rated Crypto Marketing Agency with Numerous Case Studies
  6. X10 Agency – Respected Marketing Agency Featured in Forbes

Top Blockchain Marketing Companies Reviewed

Now that you have an overview of the best crypto marketing agencies available to choose from, let’s dive in and discuss each of these companies individually:

1. CryptoPR – Overall Best Crypto Marketing Agency

Best Crypto Marketing Agency – 6 Best Blockchain Marketing Agencies for 2022

Our pick for the best crypto marketing agency is London-based firm CryptoPR. CryptoPR is a leading crypto-marketing company that offers services to promote crypto exchanges, wallets, tokens, and NFTs. The company has been in operation for over two years and has grown exponentially in that timeframe, now boasting over 100 employees.

One of the highlights so far is CryptoPR’s campaign for Lucky Block, an innovative blockchain-based gaming platform with its own tokens and NFTs. The Lucky Block token became the fastest ever to hit 1bn market cap, and CryptoPR helped the creators raise 5 million in just six weeks.

CryptoPR review

The agency has a large portfolio with a wide network of sites that rank in first position on Google for key crypto and NFT related terms, so having your crypto product featured on these sites can be hugely beneficial.

CryptoPR has worked with several high-profile brands, including eToro, Crypto.com, and Binance, helping add credibility to the company and its services. These services revolve around promoting crypto-based projects through PRs, advertorials, Telegram groups, and more. Let’s take a closer look at these services below:

Press Releases

One of CryptoPR’s core services is promotional press releases. CryptoPR has exclusive partnerships with many leading financial news sites, such as Yahoo Finance, Bitcoin.com, Coin Telegraph, Benzinga, and more. These partnerships mean that press releases can be instantly launched on these sites, providing a massive degree of visibility for your crypto project.

NFT Promotion

An argument can be made that CryptoPR is also the best NFT marketing agency since the company offers a bespoke promotional service that includes PRs, celebrity endorsements, shilling campaigns, and more. These elements help drive targeted traffic to your project, leading to greater chances for investment.

CryptoPR promotional services

Banner Ads Campaigns

According to Statista, ad spending in the banner ads segment is expected to total over $158 billion in 2022. CryptoPR offers dedicated services within the scope of this segment, helping you run a tailor-made banner ad campaign with various sizes and placements on offer.

Advertorials & Features

CryptoPR also offers an advertorials and features service which will list your project on the biggest comparison and review sites. This provides enormous visibility daily, driving traffic to your website. CryptoPR also allows you to purchase sponsored table listings on many of their partner websites.

Alongside the services listed above, CryptoPR can also handle international promotional campaigns. The company has experience in numerous geographical areas, including the UK, Germany, France, South Africa, the U.S., and Australia.

CryptoPR’s experienced leadership team have helped the company produce impressive results for numerous top clients. One prominent example is the work completed for DeFi Coins, which enabled the project to raise over $750,000 in funding. A total of 1,200 new customers were driven to the project within the first month of working with CryptoPR, with promotional content being posted on over 20 major crypto websites.

CryptoPR brands

Overall, the points raised above help explain why CryptoPR is our choice for the best crypto marketing agency. With fast turnaround times and guaranteed placements, CryptoPR stands out from the crowd when promoting crypto and new NFT projects.

If you’d like to get started with CryptoPR today, you can do so by following the steps presented below:

  • Step 1 – Submit your project: You can submit your project to CryptoPR through the contact form on the company’s website. Once submitted, a team member will contact you within 24 hours to discuss the budget, designs, and requirements for the campaign.
  • Step 2 – PR Distribution: CryptoPR will then distribute your content to an array of leading journalists and reporters, which can be completed in a matter of hours if the content is ready to go.
  • Step 3 – Content Published with Guaranteed Coverage: Your content will be published on a selection of top crypto and finance news sites, generating traffic to your project.

Minimum packages usually start at around $5,000, with clients usually spending at least $50,000 on a campaign.

2. Coinbound – Popular Crypto Marketing Agency with a Wide Range of Services

Coinbound logo

Another marketing agency to consider when promoting your crypto project is Coinbound. Coinbound focuses on helping new crypto brands go viral, thanks to the company’s vast network of influencers. These influencers are located across several leading networks, including Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Alongside influencer outreach, Coinbound can also handle your project’s Twitter account – with many clients seeing follower growth of over 400% in the first month of the partnership. Coinbound also has a dedicated PR service with contacts at several major publishers, helping deliver coverage to your brand.

Coinbound review

Finally, Coinbound also offers a Discord service with built-in moderation, along with SEO tailored to Web 3.0. These services appear to have worked in the past, with Coinbound offering a case study deck for download from their website. Given that Coinbound has worked with leading names like eToro, MetaMask, and Nexo, the company is undoubtedly one of the best crypto marketing agencies available today.

3. NeoReach – Best Crypto Marketing Agency for Influencer Marketing

NeoReach logo

NeoReach is a leading PR agency that can run original influencer campaigns using its world-class network. Driven by data, these campaigns involve some of the best crypto YouTube channels and various social media networks. Due to the success of NeoReach’s service, the company has worked with several household brands, including Amazon, Airbnb, and Walmart.

One of the fundamental components of NeoReach’s service is integrating a ‘story’ into the promotional content. This ensures that promotional activities are authentic and optimized for conversion. NeoReach also offers self-service software and APIs so that you can monitor influencer campaigns and dive into the numbers.

NeoReach review

Pricing is fully customizable, ensuring there’s an option for every business size. Since NeoReach handles all aspects of the campaign, the entire process is seamless and allows you to focus on other parts of your crypto project. Finally, campaigns can be activated in as little as seven days, ensuring your project can begin growing as quickly as possible.

4. Blockchain PR – Silicon Valley-based Blockchain PR Agency

Blockchain PR logo

If you’re looking for the best blockchain marketing agency, then Blockchain PR is worth considering. Blockchain PR is a Silicon Valley-based PR firm that offers promotional services related to cryptocurrency, ICOs, and blockchain technologies. The company focuses on innovative campaigns that help your project stand out from the crowd whilst still giving you an element of control in the proceedings.

Blockchain PR has worked with 47 major clients within the fintech and blockchain industries, including NEM and Wing.finance. The company’s services include ideation, outreach, social media, and the design of all marketing materials, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

Blockchain PR review

You can contact Blockchain PR through the contact form on their website or call them directly using the phone number provided. Finally, since Blockchain PR also has experience dealing with metaverse and Web 3.0 projects, this company is ideal for promoting the best NFT games and apps.

5. Lunar Strategy – Top-Rated Crypto Marketing Agency with Numerous Case Studies

Lunar Strategy logo

Lunar Strategy is a marketing agency specializing in all aspects of the crypto market. This includes DeFi, metaverses, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and more. After the initial discovery call, Lunar Strategy’s team will discuss which avenues suit your project best, whether that be SEO, Google ads, social media campaigns, or an alternative approach.

Notably, Lunar Strategy describes itself as ‘agile’ and highlights its ability to pivot, ensuring your campaign is optimized. In terms of credibility, Lunar Strategy has received numerous awards, including the ‘Top Blockchain Development Company’ award from GoodFirms and the ‘Top Rated ICO Marketing Agencies’ award from SoftwareWorld.

Lunar Strategy review

The Lunar Strategy website features an array of cases studies that highlight the results the company can achieve. Brands such as Pixel Pix and Dark Frontiers have partnered with Lunar Strategy to promote their products, which has helped push them into the mainstream. Finally, Lunar Strategy even has a blog dedicated to crypto-marketing topics, allowing you to gain some free information to aid your promotional activities.

6. X10 Agency – Respected Marketing Agency Featured in Forbes

X10 agency logo

Rounding off our list of the best crypto marketing agencies is X10 Agency. X10 Agency is a PR firm that can promote new projects within various areas of the crypto market, such as DeFi, NFTs, IEOs/ICOs, STOs, and more. The company places great emphasis on community building and engagement, ensuring that promotional content is authentic.

X10 Agency primarily acts as a launchpad for new projects, although the company still offers services for established entities. In terms of service specifics, X10 Agency can provide full DeFi setup, marketing and community management, influencer marketing, PRs, and more. X10 Agency also has services explicitly dedicated to Asian markets such as Korea, China, and Japan.

X10 agency review

The company also has a great deal of credibility, having been featured in Forbes, CryptoDaily, and Entrepreneur Magazine. X10 Agency also has partnerships with websites like Coindesk and Hackernoon, providing high visibility to clients’ promotional content. Finally, X10 Agency allows prospective clients to schedule a free 30-minute discovery meeting to discuss the project, with no obligation to proceed if things don’t work out.

Best Crypto Marketing Agency – Conclusion

This article has reviewed the best crypto marketing agencies on the market, highlighting what they do and how they can help promote your crypto project. Given the importance of marketing in driving traffic to new tokens and NFTs, these agencies can be a valuable tool in your project’s success.

If you’d like to begin promoting your project today, we’d recommend partnering with CryptoPR. CryptoPR has links to many leading finance and crypto websites, ensuring your project is seen by high-quality traffic. In addition, CryptoPR will assign you an account manager within 24 hours of your enquiry, enabling you to get started almost immediately.

Best Crypto Marketing Agency – 6 Best Blockchain Marketing Agencies for 2022


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