Recently, I came across a fantastic platform that contained almost everything I was looking for from a reputable broker. The outstanding features provided by the TradeTheBit have captured me in its platform, and I couldn’t be any happier about it. At first, when I came across this platform, it sounded a little fishy to me. I thought no platform could be this much perfectly structured, but I became a part of this platform by the end of my exploration. I am currently writing this review so that I might be able to help someone else out in finding a decent and suitable platform.

Before I get into the depths of my review, I want to preview myself as a trader and about my journey in the trading world. So, I started developing my interest in trading when I was working as a teacher. The pay was not enough for me, and the workload was way above my head, where I felt at times that I could not breathe. One fine day, I heard from a few of my colleagues about trading. Their discussion made me curious, and as soon as I got home, I started doing my research.

Because of my in-depth research, the curiosity and passion for trading started to get intense even more. Hence, I finally gathered up some courage and decided to give this side of the world a try. But before I jumped into the trading, I made sure that I don’t fall into the wrong hands. I did this by making a list of few things that I needed to make sure that a platform has for me to move on with it. Fast-forward to the point where I found this platform, TradeTheBit. This platform was suggested to me by my trusted colleague so, I had to give it a try.

TradeTheBit is a global trading website for traders. TradeTheBit provides more than 200 CFD financial instruments for new traders, including Foreign Exchange, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Stocks, and Indices. In addition, these assets can be traded locally. This platform features include customizable solutions, fast execution, customer support, and the latest replacement equipment that will aid the trader in making decent trading that will benefit them. Although I am relatively new to the Web Exchange field, I can be sure that TradeTheBit has made me leading trading in just a few months.

So, let’s get started with this review.

Assets: CFDs, Forex and Indices, and Some More –

Since its commencement, the platform has expanded beyond monetary amounts. Right now, they have conventional forex trading like CFDs. However, they also prepared in crypto, granting access to the exchange of stocks, crypto, forex, indices, and commodities. All these combined give a trader the option to choose from 200+ different assets to trade. I find this quite amusing.

What else I find pretty intriguing was the asset index provided for all the assets. All of these assets were present under the heading “Asset Index” in the education column. In addition, these 200+ assets were arranged alphabetically, so it was easier for me to look for a particular asset by just clicking on the relevant alphabet letter that the asset’s name starts with. It is that easy!

Platform’s Outlook and Theme:

When all of the assessment components were considered, the most frequently acknowledged viewpoint was the method by which the platform had prepared its web page. I don’t believe there is a single point of view that is difficult to grasp. The main tab gives you a good overview of all of the available options. Since I had used previous trading platforms, I had the opportunity of listing such quantitative truths. I noticed that there isn’t a slide on the main page displaying the most current stocks for promotion. I would appreciate it if the platform considered adding a live sliding bar that allows you to access a portion of the most recent tradable assets data.

At first glance, I liked the contrast of colors used as the backdrop of the web pages. The black, gold and white colors stood out and were very appealing. However, when I went to the trading chart, this dark color background started to wear off me. It became hard for me to concentrate on the text while trying to read it. I could not make a proper chart analysis because of this. So, I would have preferred if the platform provided some options for their clients to adjust the background theme according to their likes. Besides this, the whole outlook of the forum was quite impressive. The use of digital art and color scheme were on point according to my preference.

I want to add here that one should remember that what I find works for me might not for you or someone else. And the same goes with the preferences as well. So, make sure you do your research and try to figure out if the platform goes along with your preferences or not. Do not just go blindly into a trading platform and start investing. Not every word coming from someone’s mouth is a saint. DO YOUR HOMEWORK AS WELL!

Chart Types:

This option allowed me to reorganize the chart as I saw fit according to my needs within the possibilities that were provided by the platform, of course. Charts include the standard candlestick, line, and many others. They are the different alternatives from which one can choose their chosen chart style. While it’s fantastic that the platform offers a range of chart types, they are as follows:

  • Line
  • Ohlc
  • Spline
  • Scatter
  • Candlestick

However, in my perspective, only five chart variations are insufficient. Even though they all perform well and are a personal preference, I feel that having variety is a good thing.

Enabling traders to sketch their understandings onto charts is a defining development of allowing charts to be broadened. I utilized the charting tool to add patterns and support– I used the tools in various ways that were appropriate for my purposes. This was crucial for me since I wanted to perfect my trading methods – but it isn’t always available on other trading platforms.

It’s amazing how many traders fail to notice that they’ll need to lengthen or collapse the period of the price chart they’re looking at. Because of the platform’s extraordinary flexibility, brokers may now leap across the price charts and precisely guide any trends. I enjoyed how the period was described exactly: 1m, 5m, 15m, 30m, 1h, 4h, 1D, 1W, 1M.

Educational Material:

It is conceivable that the method through which you obtain data differs. In general, you cannot rely on data centers. I realize that most traders build their profiles based on their experience, but I also know that this bet will not endure. You will face even greater dangers if you make hasty judgments. This is why, before making any decisions, you should educate yourself as much as possible according to the situation.

This is where TradeTheBit’s emphasis on education paid dividends for me. I realized that each data asset, from eBooks to FAQs, contributed to the growth of my trading methods. It supplied me with the information I needed to make sound judgments. Not only that, but the glossary was a helpful feature that I continue to use now. In all my years of working, I’ve never had the opportunity to brush up on my trade language.

The specialist phrasings in the glossary part, which were registered in sequential sequence, really aided my understanding of technical terms. This will considerably help you understand the platform’s actions. It certainly had a positive influence on me.

The asset list is representative of the 200+ tradable assets TradeTheBit offers its clients. I liked how I could receive fast info on each of the assets in the accurate rundown. These specifics include vital information such as trade hours and expiration restrictions. Based on this knowledge, I can make swift judgments. I feel that highlights such as current stock values should be included in the report itself. It strikes to me that this will significantly ease the trade inquiry. I also need to highlight that their educational center has not been updated as far as I remember since I joined this platform. So, I would appreciate it if the platform regularly updated this section, specifically.

Safety and Security:

I’ve always been concerned about the lack of security provided by some brokers. I’ve always thought it was not easy to trust online servers. Cyber-attacks are significantly more likely to affect them. You can’t get anything done around them while you’re in danger. Despite my awareness of the risks, I believe the misfortunes are far more harmful. This is why a trading platform’s stability and security system is so crucial.

You might want to look at the examination of steadfast constancy from time to time. In any event, let me clarify that TradeTheBit has been completely honest with all of its clients. They are entirely familiar with the Risk Disclosure Statements and security protocols. The fact that you can look for this information on their platform offered me a sense of relief.

TradeTheBit is well aware of the dangers of trading in the stock market. This is why they built a website to get all of their fronts. It’s pointless to use an online trading platform if its speed and capacity aren’t matched by unfailing accuracy. It makes no difference what type of account you have; the security rules are the same for all. In today’s fast-paced trading market, keeping track of critical risks is tough. Brokers rely on their trading platforms to generate money in this scenario. So, Yes! When it comes to the safety and security provided by the forum, one shouldn’t compromise at any cost. Otherwise, you will pay that cost in heavy ransom.

My Final Thoughts:

So, I hope you learned something new about trading and TradeTheBit due to my research and review. I started by merely exploring the platform because I observed a few lovely comments, as I previously stated. Then, almost immediately, I became a member of the forum. Although some areas of the platform might be improved, I believe it is a solid platform for both beginner and experienced traders.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only, and this is not a recommendation.