There are a few types of nets that can be chosen in order to provide the crops with optimum protection against the various kinds of insects and pests. These are discussed briefly below:

1. Mesh 50 Grey: Mesh 50 Grey nets are useful in blocking insects like whiteflies, aphids, leaf-miners and other similar and smaller insects which might enter the crop environment. This anti insect net makes sure that these pests do not come close to the crop. This net is most commonly used in vegetables, herbs, flowers and nurseries where reduction in solar radiation is also required. These nets are made of very strong materials that are manufactured to be UC resistant.

2. Mesh 17 protections: This net is ideal for protection against fruit flies. These include Mediterranean fruit Fly, Fig Fruit Fly, Olive Fruit Fly and so on. Other insects that can be prevented through this net include Grape Moth, Prudenia, Pomegrate Fruit Butterfly and so on. This net also provides protection against climatic conditions.

3. Mesh 25 Protection: This net is ideal to block the penetration of fruit flies, birds and bats into the crop environment. This net helps significantly improve the quality of fruit by filtering out the damaging sun rays and by safeguarding the crops against sunburn. It also helps protect the crop against the vagaries of nature and weather issues like hail, rain and dust.

Insect nets are a necessity in a country like India where Agriculture is a major occupation and yet there is so little done to make sure that agriculture flourishes and that agriculturalists feel comfortable and happy in their occupation. Insect nets help protect the crops against all kinds of insects and keep them safe against all the vagaries of nature. These nets can be customized and made according to the need of the farmer or agriculturist so that they provide more than just insect protection. These nets can additionally also provide UV protection and protection against a lot of other weather woes.

A good insect net must be designed in such a way so as to provide lot of qualities and features without being extremely expensive. Here are a few qualities of insect nets that are desired mentioned below:

1. Very High Strength: The most important quality which just cannot be ignored is the strength. The anti-insect nets must have very high strength as these need to stand the vagaries of nature as well as several kinds of insect attacks. These nets must always be strong enough to bear all the issues without any damage to the net itself. The nets can be made super strong by making them strong at the time of production and manufacturing itself. The insect nets must be super strong and should be durable as well. These nets need to be long lasting and very high on durability.

2. UV Stabilized and Durable: Durability is a quality that cannot be compromised with. Insect nets should be very durable as they are supposed to be put up around the crop areas and the setting up is a little lengthy and tiresome process. No cultivator would like to replace the nets every few days as the net should hold on its own for several weeks and months without requiring repairs and replacements. Also, UV protection is a must these days for each and every living organism. Be it humans, animals or plants, UV protection is a must for all. UV rays of the sun have the potential to cause much harm to crops and plantations. So, UV protection is a desirable quality in insect nets.

3. Perfect Mesh size: As discussed earlier, different mesh sizes are useful for different kinds of crops and the different kinds of protection that they need. The mesh size of an insect net should be customizable as per the need of the farmer or cultivator. And the need is directly dictated by the kind of insects that can attach the crop. So, the mesh size of an insect net should be as per the insects that are likely to attach the crop. This way, the net can provide optimum protection.

4. Length and Width Customizable: The insect net has to be customizable no matter what. This is because the size of the plantation, the needs of the cultivator and the kind of insects in the vicinity are what are going to dictate the kind of the net that is required. So, the entire net should be customizable and the length and width should be specially customizable as the size of the plantation can be different and the net should fit it perfectly.

5. The best protection in Puly house and shade net house: the insect nets must provide the best level of protection in poly houses and shade net houses to make themselves useful and beneficial for the users.

Finally, it is needless to say that the insect nets must be as per the need and requirement of the farmer or cultivator. This way, the maximum benefit can be obtained from these nets and the cultivator can reap the maximum benefits from his crops.

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