This article will discuss about information on Traders for Agro Products.

• This section will talk about the Agro Industry.

The name “agro” has its roots in the Greek word “agros” which means field. This is has paved the way to include anything under the agricultural category as “agro.” Agro products are the very lifeline of human survival, not only on a domestic but international stage.

On a global scale roughly 36% of the workers are employed in agriculture, while 65% of the Indian population is directly or indirectly engaged in this sector. In India the agricultural products sector has great potential in terms of consumption, growth, production and exports. The government has agreed to provide them with numerous monetary benefits and motivations to promote commercialization and importance to agro products.

Significant sub sectors in agro products are:

– Fish processing
– Fruit and Vegetable processing
– Milk processing
– Meat and Poultry processing
– Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks

• This section will discuss about Traders for Agro products.

Immense export prospects, international standards and competitive pricing of agricultural products have opened the way for great opportunities in the agro industry. India being the world’s second largest producer of food with a population of a billion people is an excellent prospect for Traders of these products. No wonder, India has over 60% of its populace occupied in the agro sector.

Traders benefit from government policies and drafts favoring the agro sector. The export market is another lucrative portal for traders to get into.

Traders can use the below key destinations for export of the products.

Products Important Markets

Fruits and vegetable seeds- Pakistan, Bangladesh, UK, Netherlands and Germany
Walnuts- Spain, Egypt, Germany, UK, and Netherlands
Fresh mangoes- UAE, Bangladesh, UK, Saudi Arabia and Nepal
Poultry products- UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Germany and Japan
Buffalo meat- Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Jordan & Angola
Processed meats- Seychelles, UAE, Hong Kong, Germany & USA
Alcoholic beverages- Jamaica, Thailand, UAE, Angola & Bhutan

The table is not an exhaustive list however it does capture the avenues available for traders in agricultural products.

Below is a list of traders of these products in India

• Swapnil Agro Pvt. Ltd.
• Ambe Agro Exports
• Kamal Traders
• Alsafa Traders
• Naram’s Food Products
• Vimal Agro Products Pvt. Ltd.
• Bicco Agro Products Pvt. Ltd.

– This section talks about the prospective opportunities for traders of agricultural products

Many experts believe India has to play a vital role in the agriculture industry on a global scale. The country is projected to re-enforce its position amid the leading exporters of rice. Future development from traders would come from:

– Technologies related to rain-fed areas in particular
– Constant genetic advancement for improved seeds and yields.
– Connecting the gap between knowledge and practice.
– Advanced technologies which are not only “cost efficient” but also “in agreement” with natural climate of the country
– Enhancements in data for advanced research, results, and prolong planning.

– This section will detail a summary on the traders for these products.

Only with massive production of agricultural products coupled with rigorous marketing and latest technological advancements can the traders exploit the domestic and international market.

Trade groups like the agro-association should endorse the different sections of the agro industry by way of PR activities.

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