How to Get Verified On Instagram in 2022 (+10 Tips to Get Accepted)


Want to know how to get verified on Instagram? Getting a blue verified badge next to your name is the ultimate sign of prestige on this social media platform.

Whether you’re a business or an individual, Instagram verification will help your brand look more serious and authentic. Anyone can apply for a verification badge. As long as you meet the right requirements, you could end up with a blue check displayed on your profile.

Not only does it look legit, but these badges could even help you attract more engagement and followers.

Follow this guide for a step-by-step process of how to get verified on Instagram, as well as a few strategies to increase your chances of getting approved.

How to Get Verified On Instagram in 2022 (+10 Tips to Get Accepted)

1. What Does Getting Verified On Instagram Mean?
2. Why is Account Verification Important?
3. Who Can Get Verified on Instagram?
4. How to Get Verified On Instagram – The Application Process

5. 10 Tips to Get Verified On Instagram
6. How to Stay Verified on Instagram
7. Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Getting Verified On Instagram Mean?

Instagram verification is a process that proves your account is the original, authentic presence of a public figure, global brand, celebrity, or any notable person who might be impersonated.

An Instagram verification badge is given to these accounts, which is displayed as the little blue tick next to the account name.

These badges are exclusive, and they indicate that Instagram has confirmed the account is the real one and can be trusted. Verified Instagram accounts show the difference between a fan account and an authentic celebrity, influencer, or registered business.

A verification badge makes any Instagram account stand out and demands authority. These badges are a kind of status symbol on the social media platform, and they add prestige and exclusivity to the brands and creators that flaunt them.

A verification badge can help your account to stand out and attract more engagement as a result of the status your badge provides. However, these badges won’t get you any special treatment in the Instagram algorithm.

If verified accounts get higher engagement, it’s because they have a deeper connection with their audience, not because of the badge.

Instagram Creators verification badge

Why is Account Verification Important?

A verified account represents the original person behind a highly searched-for account. Verified badges filter out any fake account with the same name.

This prevents the spread of false or misleading information from multiple news sources, and it ensures only one account exists for the real person. Having multiple accounts exist for the same person can cause all kinds of issues.

If you are a highly searched-for person or global brand, you can also get more Instagram followers with an authentic account. This is because your unique presence will encourage followers who search for your name, and you won’t lose followers to a fake account.

Who Can Get Verified on Instagram?

Anyone can request a verified badge on Instagram, but only a select few get approved for these badges.

It’s quite a mysterious process as to who can get verified on Instagram. The social network is known for being very selective over who gets to earn a coveted blue tick.

Only certain celebrities, brands, and public figures can get an Instagram verification. The criteria are that they need to be accounts that run a high risk of being impersonated. Instagram wants to verify general interest accounts that many people search for, to make sure there is only one clear original.

You don’t have to be a top celebrity to get Instagram verification, you just need to be a notable enough public figure that could otherwise have their identity stolen on the platform.

So who exactly is eligible for Instagram verification?

First, you must adhere to Instagram’s Terms of Service Community Guidelines. Then you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Authentic: Your account needs to be the real deal. It has to represent a real person or brand and be the genuine account for this person
  • Unique: Every person or brand on Instagram can only have one verified account associated with their name
  • Public: You cannot get verified on Instagram if your account is on private
  • Complete: Your account needs to have a complete bio, a proper profile photo, and at least one upload. You can’t verify an unfinished account
  • Notable: This is the tricky one that is often disputed. The verification process only accepts well-known people who are highly searched for and in the public eye

Do you meet all of these criteria? Then you could get verified on Instagram. Carry on to figure out how to apply and verify your Instagram profile.

how to get verified on Instagram

Image: Instagram

How to Get Verified On Instagram – The Application Process

Anyone can apply for the verification process on their Instagram account. Here’s how to do it in 6 steps.

1) Go to your Instagram profile and tap on the hamburger menu at the top right-hand corner
2) Tap Settings
3) Tap Account
4) Tap Request Verification
5) Now fill out the Application Form

The application form requires:

  • Your legal name
  • Your “known as” name, or working name
  • Choose your category or industry
  • Submit a photo of your official government-issued photo ID

6) Finally, tap Send

Now the Instagram team will review your application and send a response to your notifications tab, letting you know whether your account was verified or not.

how to request Instagram verification

Image: Hootsuite

10 Tips to Get Verified On Instagram

Anyone can apply to get verified on Instagram, but only a few accounts are successful at getting a blue tick. Knowing how to get verified on Instagram involves more than just following the correct application process.

To hello you out, here are some strategies and best practices that you can use to improve your chances of getting verified on Instagram.

1. Gain Plenty Of Real Followers

This may seem like a bit of a vague tip, as there’s no specific number of followers you need to get verified to Instagram.

There’s no proof that you need huge amounts of followers to get verified on Instagram, but having a massive following certainly won’t hurt! The more followers you have, the more prestigious your account looks.

Let’s be honest, you never really see verification badges next to accounts with 150 followers.

So, try to get your follower count up before you apply for a verified badge.

The number one most important rule here is to NEVER buy these followers. Although it may be tempting, it will only cause more damage to your account. In fact, it could even result in your account being shut down, as this goes against the Community Guidelines you have to agree to.

When Instagram examines your account for the Instagram verification process, they will easily notice if you’ve bought followers.

Instagram verification

Follow our guide if you want a few fool-proof strategies to get more followers on Instagram.

2. Never Buy a Verification Badge

Let’s get something straight, fast-tracking your way to get verified on Instagram is NOT a good idea. It won’t get you a verified badge, and you’ll end up paying money to scammers.

If you see someone slide into your DMs offering you a verified badge for payment, just don’t do it. No matter how legit the account looks or if they offer a full refund, buying a verification badge just won’t work.

The only way to get verified on Instagram is by following the official Instagram procedure. Only Instagram can verify you, nobody else.

3. Keep an Eye Out for Fake Accounts

Do you often come across fake accounts impersonating your identity or brand? Well, that’s a good thing if you want to get verified.

The whole point of a verification badge is to distinguish the difference between real and fake accounts. So if you already have impersonators and imposters, then you’re a perfect candidate for getting that blue tick.

Make sure to record and monitor any imposter accounts as part of your social media strategy.

Instagram verification

4. Make Sure Your Account is Highly Searched For

One of the important factors that Instagram considers when it comes to verification is how well searched for your account is. The bottom line is that if a lot of users are looking for your name, there’s a much better chance Instagram will verify you.

Organic search and scrolling through the Instagram Explore page is huge. This is where understanding the Instagram algorithm is so important. However, if a user takes the time and effort to type your specific name into the search bar, it’s a big sign of popularity.

So, how do you increase your chances of getting searched for? Here are a few strategies:

  • Apply for verification when your name is in the news. If you’ve just dropped a new single, sent out a new press release, or done something particularly newsworthy, there’s a good chance more people will be searching for you online. This is the perfect time to get verified.
  • Google your name and keep an eye on how popular you are in the search results
  • Invest in some PR. Reach out to media outlets, create compelling press releases, and focus on getting some buzz and attention around your brand. If you’ve never focused on PR before, then getting verified may be more challenging

Kanye West Instagram verification

This one may seem silly, but it’s important. Instagram doesn’t allow verified accounts to have links to other social media sites in their Instagram profiles. So if you use your Instagram account to promote your YouTube channel, Twitter account, or Facebook page, remove these links when you apply for verification.

You can include links to your website or other online destinations, just not other social media sites.

However, if you have a blue check on Facebook, you can use your Facebook account to link to your Instagram profile. Instagram encourages this to help you prove authenticity.

6. Be Honest About Who You Are

This goes without saying, but you won’t get verified on Instagram if your account is a lie.

When you apply for your Instagram account to be verified, always be 100% truthful. Use your real name, choose the right category for your brand, don’t fake any documents, etc.

Your request will be instantly denied if anything in your application is untruthful. Moreover, your account could even get deleted.

There’s really no point in getting verified on Instagram if you’re not genuine about your application in the first place.

7. Optimize Your Profile and Make Sure it’s Complete

Instagram’s most basic requirement for getting verified is to have a complete profile. Seriously, if you can’t meet this then why are you even trying to get verified?

First, make sure your profile is complete and active. You should have at least one post. This is a very low hurdle to jump over.

Second, optimize your profile for better results.

Optimize your Instagram bio to help your account look and perform better. This improves your chances of getting verified, and it will help you attract and maintain more followers. Use a high-quality profile photo, and post quality content regularly.

Instagram verification

8. Consider Using an Agency

Most Instagram users won’t have an agency or publicist. However, if you’re a serious public figure this could be a good idea Give our agency access to Facebook’s Media partner Support tools. This lets your agency or publicist make claims and applications for you.

This won’t necessarily mean you will get verified on Instagram. However, having a reputable agency apply for verification on your behalf looks good, and it will add more value and prestige to your application.

9. Post Engaging Content

Engagement isn’t necessarily a factor to help you get a blue badge. That doesn’t mean that engagement doesn’t matter though.

The more active and engaging your Instagram content is, the more reason you have to earn a prestigious blue tick. And of course, the more engaging your Instagram content is, the more popular you will become on the platform.

If you have a dormant account that just sits there, Instagram will have far less reason to verify it.

So, post frequently, post at the right time and post the kind of content that your audience wants to see. Put time and effort into engaging with your audience, post a lot of Instagram Stories, and focus on being an active member of Instagram.

This won’t necessarily get you verified, but it will probably help.

10. Don’t Give Up

When figuring out how to get verified on Instagram, many people don’t get it right the first time. That’s ok, you can always try again.

So if you request verification and get rejected, use it as an opportunity to work on the areas f your Instagram account that need improving. Refocus your goals, rethink your social media strategy, and focus on increasing your following and engagement.

You can submit another request to get Instagram verified 30 days after being rejected.

Instagram verification

How to Stay Verified on Instagram

Congratulations, you just got Instagram verified! Great news, but now you need to make sure you hold onto that precious blue check.

Here are a few things to remember to help you keep your verification badge:

  • Keep your account public: This is an essential requirement for getting verified. Private Instagram accounts won’t be able to hold a blue tick.
  • Stick to Instagram’s rules: Your blue badge gives you a lot of Instagram power, but this also means you need to stay responsible. Verified accounts need to make sure they stick to Instagram’s Terms Of Use and Community Guidelines. Otherwise, expect your account to get disabled.
  • Create quality content: Getting verified will bring you more attention, and possibly more followers. Now that you’re in the spotlight, make sure that you keep your Instagram game strong. Post content that your followers love, keep your profile looking good, and remain active. You earned that badge, so now show the world that you deserve it!


Knowing the process to get verified on Instagram is easy. The hard part is getting your application accepted.

By following the right strategies to grow your Instagram account and create better content for your audience, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with one of those blue ticks next to your name.

While being Instagram verified won’t necessarily make a difference to your Instagram marketing strategy, these badges are still awesome to have. They’re a powerful status symbol on the app, and if you have one, it could add a whole new level of prestige to your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get verified on Instagram if you’re not famous?

Yes, you absolutely can. The good news about Instagram verification badges is that anyone can apply for them. You just need to make sure you pass all of the necessary criteria for getting verified on Instagram and show proof that your account is notable. Fame and follower count are not necessarily factors used to determine whether you get verified.

How many followers do I need to get verified on Instagram?

There’s no required follower count that you need to have to get verified on Instagram. However, having more followers will definitely increase your chances of your verification application being accepted.

How do you get a blue check?

Getting a blue tick on Instagram is a relatively easy process, as long as you meet the right criteria. Anyone can apply for a blue tick through Instagram. As long as your account is legitimate, and you are a notable person or brand, your account can get accepted for a blue tick verification.


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