All firms need to handle bookkeeping chores. All companies have accounts payable and receivables. All companies have liens and contracts that have financial workout which amount to keeping of books of accounts. For small business accounting there is lesser need of an accountant. Then there are financial accountants and tax accountant. Many times it is imperative to provide financial services. All accounting services amount to financial services.

Bookkeeping and accounting being a specialized service requires trained personnel and this is possible by qualifying professionals as a business accountant. You need to find an accountant for your company and employ them to render you the expert services you require. When you can’t find your regular accountant, you could use a tax accountant. They render the same financial services also.

Depending on your necessities, you can appoint accountants suitably. You can meanwhile also look and find an accountant to manage your financial operations. Outsourcing is also a good way and based on your needs you can hire an accountant. They will prepare your tax papers and keep your books of accounts. They can also help you with financial analysis in your firm.

In a small business you get to have the proprietor who can handle all the accounting. However there are rules for certain business sizes even small businesses to hire or find an accountant to convene bookkeeping and handle the accounting procedures as a professional. Much to the needs of the government rules, a company that exceeds a limit of the capital investments needs to hire professional financial services to handle the accounting. All said and done, the services being professional will be a trifle costly. However, it will be an advantage to seek professional help than to try to do it yourself.

There are basically 2 methods of accounting – Cash basis method and accrual method. In any method you need to take care of keeping business records separately. Keep Tax liability issues for income tax and other payroll taxes. You have financial and technical needs that have to be looked into. Then profits and remuneration are to be seen to and financial statement of accounts prepared. There are several accounts that need to be prepared, the trial balance, ledgers and the balance sheet has to be accurate and updated.

After the accounting procedure is complete, these have to be presented to the board of directors and in the shareholders meeting to the shareholders of the business. The shareholders have to be presented their profits and interests too. At the annual general meeting the board of directors makes a presentation of the balance sheet and announces the profits as per the chairman’s directives. A qualified accounting plays vital role in framing and sculpturing the way to prominence for all of these business screening areas.

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