Ashford Capital Investments is an online forex trading platform that is very well known amongst traders. It offers a variety of services related to the forex market both for experienced traders and beginners. This company provides an encouraging and professional environment for any trader who wants to maximize his profits by utilizing the best features that only this kind of trading platform can offer him. The forum was established a few years back, it has managed to satisfy a lot of traders in this time span. The following review focuses on this company’s reputation, trading conditions and other aspects that need more explanation.

Reputation in the market

In my opinion, it is true that Ashford Capital Investments is a competent trading company that has been on its journey in the sphere of foreign exchange for quite some time now. I have worked with this company for a long time and it was the market reputation that made me look into this company.  I have noticed that this company focuses on improving traders’ profitability with professional forex trading strategies. Although other brokerages had already entered this market before, they were not able to stand out due to some crucial mistakes made by them. This sharp contrast between their fate and that of another large international firm dealing with similar services proves how much effort Ashford Capital Investments had put into the development of their online forex trading platform before the launch of Ashford Capital Investments.

The past years have shown that they put in the effort to combine high online security standards with an easy-to-use interface of its web page and also constantly expanding its service portfolio. Now it offers a number of benefits including webinar training, live broker assistance, quality research and analytical tools as well as other solutions aiding traders’ performance on international financial markets. This company is also distinguished by its low spreads and competitive commissions for all currency pairs it offers. The list goes on and one can see that Ashford Capital Investments has been acting quite professionally all this time. It is this attitude that has allowed this firm to sustain itself.

As all technologies are constantly developing, one must always try to use only the most up-to-date solutions available at the market now in order to achieve success. This makes such companies as Ashford Capital Investments necessary for every trader who wants to improve his performance and realize his financial goals more quickly. They offer a wide range of services including an easy registration process, a great variety of advanced analytical tools made for tracking the market, low spread, competitive commissions and lengthy business experience. You should also know that this company cooperates with major market players. This means that it can provide its traders with direct access to the best prices available at the global financial markets. Moreover, you will be able to obtain related news much quicker than others taking advantage of their multiple communication channels: telephone support, live chat, email correspondence or contact form on their web page.

Trading Tools

Technical analysis Tools have become a must for any trader nowadays searching for success because they help to avoid unnecessary losses and make trading more profitable. The same applies to the modern forex broker Ashford Capital Investments. It offers its registered clients a great variety of software tools developed by professional programmers. I have found all of them to be of high quality. These can be used for forex charting, timeframe analysis, futures charts as well as currency pairs which helps one develop a clear understanding of the firm.

The increasingly popular online forex trading company offers their great financial trading services to retail and institutional traders. The forex broker offers competitive pricing on all other major asset classes, including stocks, commodities, and indices. The company utilizes the interbank market in trading currency pairs, stocks, and other assets. Clients can trade with a leverage of as high as 1:400 depending on the customer’s account type, while spreads are fixed for all asset classes. The company’s trading platform gives higher accounts and access to private analyst sessions which has been reported to be highly effective for the traders. They offer you their expert opinion and help you make the right decisions while trading.

Withdrawal and Refund

The Withdrawal and Refund policies and procedures are something that needs to be designed very carefully. While the firm tries to make sure they do not lose their profits, they have to make sure that the quality of service is not compromised. I have gone through the website’s withdrawal and refund policy multiple times and I like how much transparency it has. The refund and withdrawal processes require some verification before but they are quick. 

Some Other Qualities

  • Trading at Ashford Capital Investments Forex means trading with one of the biggest market makers in this domain. The company offers its clients a secure trading environment with no risks of getting margin called and also flexible trading conditions.
  • The spreads are very competitive, all around the globe. There are no commissions for deposits and withdrawals made on bank wires and credit cards or for any transactions and if the policy changes due to any circumstances then the customers are updated before it is implemented.
  • The company offers trading in English which is one of the most widely spoken languages all around the globe. The customer support service works  5 days a week. You can contact the broker through representatives by phone or e-mail.
  • As far as communication channels are concerned, Ashford Capital Investments is characterized by an invariably ready-to-use customer support system that is always there to sort out problems that you come across.
  • There are several account types to choose from at Ashford Capital Investments Forex firm: this feature allows the traders to clearly figure out the needs and demands of their accounts and then pick the set of features that suits them. This way one does not have to pay for stuff they will never need. 
  • The trading platforms are easy to use and give market analysis based on technical indicators and news events. You can also benefit from Live Trading Room sessions with experienced traders as well as opening demo accounts. The minimum deposit at Ashford Capital Investments broker is $250.
  • It should be mentioned that the firm offers substantial financial advice through its trained managers. The clients can get to them when they are sceptical and they will always suggest things or recommend them instead of forcing you. 
  • Ashford Capital Investments works with a team of specialists who are constantly performing due diligence on all markets and trends, which gives them the ability to identify market opportunities faster than their competitors. This allows them to make high-profit recommendations that have a measurable impact on their customers’ bottom line.
  • In addition to providing high-quality services and trading tools, Ashford Capital Investments has made sure that its website is convenient and easy to navigate for all registered users. They have placed all the prominent options right at the font so you do not feel lost while using it. 
  • The date and time bar that you will find at the top of the page is a great feature because it helps the traders keep track of the timezone problems. If you are an international trader then you will need this bar a lot. I could not find this bar on the phone and this needs to be added there too or made more prominent. 


American Traders not allowed

If you are from the United States and register a new account with Ashford Capital Investments Forex broker, expect your request to be declined. The firm cannot offer forex services to this country. I have heard that this broker has taken this measure keeping in mind the security concerns. These need to be addressed very soon because the US traders should not be deprived of quality service. 

Blog Section

Blog Section is another great feature that many brokers add to the website to facilitate the traders. This feature not only adds to the website’s value but also helps the traders stay updated about the news around. This way they do not have to rely on external and maybe unauthentic sources of information to get the job done. I think this feature should be introduced soon. The blog account should be more catchy and interactive. The addition of pictures is another great idea. 


To make sure that most people benefit from the website and do not think of it as another scam platform, the company should consider adding a feedback corner where people can submit their true experiences. Contact emails of these individuals should be provided so that one can get in touch to discuss any further points. 

Final Remarks

Although I have found the broker great there are some minor flaws that I have sensed. I think these flaws do not hinder the progression of a lot of traders but they can be worked on to further improve the working conditions of the traders. You can look into this company if you want to get the most in a small amount of money. 

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.